Lifetime’s ‘Stalked By My Husband’s Ex’ Stars ‘Y&R’s’ Melissa Ordway

Lifetime Stalked By My Husband's Ex-

Stalked By My Husband’s Ex is the latest Lifetime Movies thriller just for you. What happens when your fiancé’s ex is jealous about the relationship, and getting closer to her daughter? This movies stars Alex McKenna (Dallas), Adam Huss (Power), Melissa Ordway (Young and The Restless), Joey Rae Blair (The Twisted Nanny) and Juliana Dever (Castle).

What Is Lifetime’s Stalked By My Husband’s Ex About?

According to the Lifetime preview, Stalked By My Husband’s Ex is about Kristin Carter (McKenna) who met the man of her dreams. The renowned hospitality queen has said yes to Ryan Munson’s (Huss) marriage proposal. Munson, who is divorced, has a 10-year-old daughter, Lisa (Blair), who Kristin instantly bonds with.

But, ex-wife Nina Munson (Dever) is not terribly thrilled with Kristin’s relationship with her ex and her daughter. Nina is causing so many problems, it is not only interfering with Kristin’s wedding planning, but she fears for her safety! Nina is stalking her. Kristin’s best friend and coworker, Sierra (Ordway) tries to help her pal stay safe. Will Kristin ever walk down the aisle and say “I do!”?

One thing viewers may want to note is how similar Kristin and Sierra look. And, they work at the same place. These details may play into the overall stalking storyline. So, pay attention!

Young And The Restless Star Melissa Ordway Talks About Filming Movie

Recently, Melissa Ordway who portrays Abby Newman on Y&R spoke to TV Insider about Stalked By My Husband’s Ex. First of all, it was filmed in December. The whole thing took about two weeks to film. She even shorted it by declaring, “Maybe 12 days.” That is very fast and efficient!

What was especially crazy was that Melissa worked all day on Y&R. Then, in the evening, she worked on the Lifetime movie. There is another tie-in with her daytime job. Co-star Joey Rae Blair’s sister Martie plays Bella on Y&R! Bella is Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) daughter.

When Joey Rae found out that Melissa was on the CBS soap, she excitedly told her the connection. Pretty cool.

Now the big question, would Melissa ever want to play the antagonist like Nina in a Lifetime movie? She was all for it! Melissa shared that Juliana Dever is “so good in this part.” But, she would “love” to play the crazed ex antagonist in a Lifetime movie.

When Can You See Stalked By My Husband’s Ex On Lifetime Movies?

Lifetime’s Stalked By My Husband’s Ex is airing on Lifetime on Saturday, July 25, 8 p.m. Eastern, on LMN. Lifetime will repeat movies, so if you miss it on Saturday, you can catch an encore showing.

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