‘Survivor’ Officially Pulled from CBS’ 2020 Fall Lineup Due to Coronavirus Filming Complications

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The worldwide reality sensation Survivor has been officially pulled from CBS’ 2020 Fall Lineup. The long-running survival-themed game show was set to air it’s 41st Season this fall on its regular home-network, however, an official announcement from the CBS on Tuesday reveals that filming was postponed indefinitely due to Coronavirus related issues.

Survivor Season 41 Cancelled

The Holywood Reporter reveals that Survivor Season 41 will film on location in Figi.  The news outlet reports that the show’s producers are working closely with Fiji officials to come up with a plan for the show to resume a regular filming schedule. The network says that they intend to move forward “with health and safety matters the top priority for everyone involved.” So, while at this time the season is off the list for a normal fall launch – Season 41 will continue to film when the network and the country’s officials in Figi deem that it is safe to move forward.

CBS Makes Announcement to Fans Via Instagram

On Tuesday evening, CBS’s official Survivor Instagram page posted a photo of contestants walking single file in a remote Island location. The post language very subtly alludes that they are making the health of the crew and cast a priority. The message implies to viewers that delays are definitely on the horizon. Fans of the show were quick to comment on their disappointment, though many understood the decision.


Will Survivor be Watching Re-Runs instead?

The short answer is … No. Rather than fill the show’s regular Wednesday night timeslot with older episodes of the show, the network will be filling the hour-long opening with new episodes of another popular survival-themed show, The Amazing Race. This year’s season will be the show’s 32nd on the Network. Fans of these two reality shows would likely think they would have similar issues, considering the current state of world affairs. So, why is The Amazing Race airing during its regular season but not Survivor? The answer simply boils down to the fact that TAR finished filming long before the pandemic began effecting filming projects while Survivor had not.

The Amazing Race Season 32 normally airs on the same night as Survivor just an hour later. This year, the travelesque reality gameshow moves into Survivor’s 8 pm primetime slot.

What Other Shows will Air on Wednesdays because of the Change?

With Survivor officially off the CBS Fall Schedule and The Amazing Race stepping up to fill its shoes, this would leave the rest of the Wednesday night Prime Time schedule in the wind. As of right now, CBS’ official slate for the Wednesday night schedule is as follows:

The Amazing Race – Season 32  will air Wednesdays at 8 pm. 

SEAL Team – moves forward one hour and will air Wednesdays at 9 pm. 

SWAT – will move into Wednesday’s 10 pm slot.

The Holywood Reporter also reveals that while this ‘schedule’ is supposedly ‘official from the network’ it is tentative at best. SEAL TEAM and SWAT have yet to begin filming for their new episodes. Shows are currently said to be ‘on schedule’ however, changes due to the coronavirus will potentially push-start dates back. As a result, this would further delay air dates and complicate the network primetime scheduling issue.

Despite delays, producers are intent on filming Survivor Season 41 and bringing it to the show’s dedicated fans. If not for the current world-health situation, this season would have concluded filming several months ago. In fact, on a normal schedule, producers would be close to wrapping up the subsequent Season 42 already. The location for Season 42 has not released yet.

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