‘The Kissing Booth 2’ Trailer Drops!

The Netflix original movie The Kissing Booth was a huge hit of 2018. It’s a spin on the classic story of falling for your best friend’s brother. Joey King played the spitfire heroine to perfection and was complemented by her fellow castmates Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney. The movie had its stand-out comedy moments and genuinely heart-wrenching scenes. This classic storyline is a classic for a reason and The Kissing Booth did it right. This is why fans are so excited about the trailer drop for the sequel to this story.

The Kissing Booth

King played Elle, a feisty independent high school junior that is really coming into her own as she starts the school year. But Elle has a secret, and of course, the secret is that she has had a forever crush on her life-long best friend’s brother. Courtney plays Elle’s quirky but amazing best friend and their chemistry as friends lights up the screen. Elordi is Noah Flynn, Lee’s sometimes aggressive older brother. Elle and Noah tiptoe around each other and the tension between the two is palpable. It finally explodes when they share an unexpected kiss at, you guessed it, a kissing booth.

The couple begins a secret relationship because one of the rules of Lee and Elle’s friendship is, “Relatives of your best friend are OFF limits!” The story unfolds as you expect with a few bumps and bruises here and there, but it ends with Noah leaving for college. Elle ends the movie saying, “Maybe things really would work out with Noah. I hoped they would. But maybe they wouldn’t.”

This Brings us to Act 2

With that ending, it would be a crime to not have a sequel, and though it took two years, Netflix came through. So, what can we expect? The trailer starts by showing Elle and Noah trying to make long-distance work, but that is never really easy. Therefore, bring out the love rivals! We see mostly familiar faces, as most of the cast has returned for round two, but there are two impressive new faces. Maise Richardson-Sellars plays Noah’s temptress Chloe. While Taylor Zakhar Perez crosses swords with Elle as the “new guy” Marco.

The Tease

The trailer hints that both Noah and Elle are intrigued by their respective new love interests, but they are still hooked on each other. Elle is having to make a decision about college. Will she choose to go to Harvard to be with Noah, or follow her dream and go to college at Berkley with Lee? Elle’s dad asks in a voice-over, “Ask yourself, is it worth changing all your plans for him?” This is such a great question and an important one. Should a person change what they have always dreamed of for another person? It’s pretty deep for a rom-com/teen drama.

The trailer also hits us with, “Rules can be broken, but so can hearts.”

Expecting a Lot

The trailer shows several other moments: Elle in tears, fight between Elle and Lee, what appears to be a fight between Elle and Noah. Finally, we also see Noah looking more than a little angry at Marco, and Elle back at the kissing booth. Let’s just say if the movie includes all this drama it is going to be one epic roller coaster. Be ready, because the movie releases on Netflix on July 24th!

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