‘Below Deck Med:’ Kate Chastain Questions Bugsy & Hannah’s Tablescapes

below deck med stars bugsy and hannah

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain fired back at Below Deck Med stars Christine “Bugsy” Drake and Hannah Ferrier. She questioned the ladies’ tablescapes. As Bravo fans know, Kate doesn’t hold back on her feelings. She tells it like it is.

She had some positive things to say about Bugsy. But then she threw some shade at her and Hannah. Kate revealed she doesn’t like Bugsy’s fashion sense or tablescapes. Meanwhile, she doesn’t understand why Hannah hates table décor so much. Read on to learn what Kate has to say about the seaside ladies.

Former Below Deck chief stew compliments then shade Bugsy

Kate Chastain appeared on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast where she gave an update on her life. She was also asked on her opinions on Below Deck Med stars Bugsy and Hannah Ferrier. First, she talked about Bugsy.

At first, it seemed like Kate was in favor of the bubbly second stew. She even complimented her on her good looks. But then she threw shade at Bugsy.

“I think Bugsy is gorgeous,” Kate said. “Bright blue eyes. She’s got this charming accent, she’s very bubbly. Her Instagram, she’s a natural influencer.”

“And she’s always been very sweet to me in DMs and stuff,” Kate continued. “But here’s what I will say. Let’s talk about her outfit walking up the dock.”


Kate expressed her love for interior décor. She even got creative with tablescapes and theme parties. Like Kate, Bugsy is passionate about décor. But Kate questioned both Bugsy and Hanna’s tablescape styles.

“Tablescapes for every person is basically a reflection of how you dress,” Kate said. “Hannah’s style is lacking. And I don’t get it. Bugsy is the other end of the spectrum there. She’s like over the top.”

Kate doesn’t understand Bugsy’s sense of style. She finds everything too “matchy, matchy.” Kate feels like Bugsy’s tablescapes are too over the top. But she appreciates her enthusiasm. Kate’s sense of style is having a fine mix of “simplicity and doing nothing.”

She doesn’t understand why Below Deck Med chief stew Hannah hates décor

Kate Chastain wasn’t done there. She also talked about Below Deck Med star Hannah Ferrier and her lack of interest in tablescapes. She feels it’s the top requirement for chief stews. But then Kate is reminded by Hannah’s sense of style. Not only did she shade Bugsy, but she shaded Hannah as well.

“I don’t understand how a yacht stewardess why you don’t like doing tablescapes,” Kate pondered. “It’s literally the only job where I get to be creative. It’s the best part of your job. The fact that she doesn’t like it and I’m like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ But then I see her outfits and it all makes sense.”


Kate also feels that Hannah was probably angry and fearful about Bugsy returning. She notices the kind of things that the Below Deck Med star does when she’s experiencing anxiety.

“What Hannah does when she’s nervous or intimidated is she plays with her necklace,” Kate explained. “And if it’s at dinner service, she plays with her earpiece.”

She also called Hannah out for playing motivational videos on her laptop without her earbuds in. Do you agree with Kate? Sound off below in the comments section.

Below Deck Med airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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