Scheana Shay Slammed For Hanging Out With A Black Woman Amid ‘VPR’ Firings

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Scheana Shay gets major shade. Her followers weren’t happy when the Vanderpump Rules star posed with a Black woman. They attacked her on Instagram when she posted a new photo of herself with her girlfriends. She posted the photo as a thank-you to the friends who supported her during her devastating miscarriage.

She even acknowledged her fans and followers. Scheana previously announced that she suffered a miscarriage after an unexpected pregnancy with boyfriend Brock Davies. After the troubling news, she received support from her VPR co-stars. The singer wanted to write a touching tribute to her fans and followers, but they weren’t buying it.

Scheana Shay gets slammed for posing with a Black woman

Scheana Shay shared the following photo of herself posing with Jasmine Goode, who appeared on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, as per Inquisitr. She also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. One of Scheana’s followers attacked her for posing with a Black woman. They claimed that she hasn’t posted any Black people on her timeline since 2017.

The “Good as Gold” singer didn’t like the shade. She clapped back at the online troll. Since Scheana is all about “good vibes” lately, she won’t tolerate negativity on her Instagram page.

“Well clearly you didn’t look that hard,” Scheana wrote. “Judging the few photos I post a month on Instagram is just as bad as judging the MINUTES a week you see me on a tv show. Just saying.”

Another follower came for both Scheana and her VPR co-star Lala Kent, who featured a Black model in her Give Them Lala beauty line.

“Interesting how her and Lala post pics today of them posing with black girls,” the troll wrote. “Lol it’s so transparent. Hey look! I have a black friend! Lol.”

Scheana directed her followers to her @schenanigans Instagram page where she features her more “diverse” group of friends. She then revealed that she only posts pictures of her boyfriend or people from the Bravo series on her personal Instagram page. Scheana’s other Instagram account is private and features a Black woman in her profile picture.

Vanderpump Rules star shows support for the Black Lives Matter movement

Despite the backlash, Scheana Shay previously supported the Black Lives Matter movement on Instagram. In her latest video titled “I Had a Miscarriage,” she explained that she wanted to join the protests. But she was dealing with the aftermath of her miscarriage. She also felt that it was important to focus on her health and well-being.

“This is the reason why I haven’t been out there protesting but I couldn’t tell anyone that I’m pregnant, or I was,” Scheana explained. “I needed to take care of myself and not put myself or the baby at risk and be out there around people when there’s a virus going around.”

Scheana got trolled just a month after the Vanderpump Rules firings. Bravo fired both Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute for their past racist actions and comments. Their former co-star Faith Stowers revealed that they racially profiled her for a crime she didn’t commit. Both ladies lost their several gigs and their spots on the show.

Some fans are hoping that Scheana will get the edit she deserves on Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules. Others hope she will become the new Queen of SUR.

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