Jacob Roloff’s Wife Isabel Reveals She’s Done ‘Pretending’ To Be Happy

Isabel Roloff

Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel got super candid on Instagram yesterday. She revealed that she’s been pretending to be well and happy for a period of time. And, she believes it has done a significant amount of damage to her mental health. The LPBW alum’s wife, however, is done pretending. She realizes she isn’t helping herself by pretending to be strong for everyone else.

She lost her mother and brother within the same year.

Now, Little People, Big World fans may or may not know much about Isabel. She was never a featured cast member on the TLC series. Moreover, Jacob no longer has anything to do with it or his family. But LPBW fans that don’t dislike Jacob know they can follow her on Instagram. Fortunately, she’s always been a pretty open book about her life on social media.

Moreover, Isabel has penned several posts over the years about her mother. Her mother passed away in 2014. After losing her battle to breast cancer.

From an Instagram post, Isabel explained a simple post “missing her mom” would be “too obvious.” She described her mother as her best friend. She clarified that she understood that was something a lot of people say about their mother. But, it was something especially true in her case. Isabel was extremely close to her mother. She reveals she did nearly everything with her mother. She admits she preferred hanging out with her mother over her friends.


Tragically, Isabel lost her older brother the same year she lost her mother. According to In Touch Weekly, Isabel told her Instagram followers she found peace in believing the spirits of her mother and brother were with her on her wedding day.

I have held strong to the faith that I will see my loved ones again.”

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel spills her thoughts on Instagram.

Isabel kicked off the month of July with a very emotional Instagram post. The post included a snapshot of herself hugging her brother. In the comments, she went into great detail about her feelings.

She reveals that over the years she got really great at pretending to be well and good. Unfortunately, only the people closest to her knew the truth. Moreover, pretending to be alright to so many people only seemed to make things worse for her.

“Pretending became easier than showing others how broken I was when my brother passed away eight years ago and everyone else around me, understandably, fell apart.” Isabel pens.

She continued: “No longer can I pretend that losing my brother and then my mom within a year of each other has not effected my mental health greatly. Now, I am paying for it in a major way.”

My anxiety keeps me from trusting anyone, or living much of a normal life. My depression keeps me from seeing that I deserve joy, and peace. It always feels so far out of reach.

I have finally made the steps to see a therapist, after all this time, to let down those walls and finally admit to somebody, ‘I am not okay.’

A lot of people see me as strong. And maybe I am to some degree. But I’m also just really good at pretending. And I don’t want to be anymore.”


Her followers quickly showered her with love and support.

Isabel has an Instagram follower of just under 100,000. Unsurprisingly, they were quick to flood her Instagram post with love and support. Many reassured her it was ok for her not to feel ok. Here’s what some of her followers had to say:

  • “Showing vulnerability is an absolute strength!!!! And the fact that you are being honest with your feelings is a HUGE thing. I think sometimes we don’t allow ourselves that pleasure. It’s so hard-I know it is for me. Hang in there!”
  • “You’re so so so strong Isabel !! It takes a heck of a lot of strength to be honest and open!! Going to a therapist is the best!”
  • “I wish I could give you a hug. Feeling your pain from afar. You poor dear.”

Isabel, in turn, did reply to a few of the comments. She thanked one individual for sharing a similar story. While she and her husband are no longer connected to the show… We hope Isabel gets the help she needs to get to a better place.


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