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How Did Jacob Roloff’s Wife Isabel Rock’s Brother Die?

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Sadness looms over part of the Roloff family as Jacob’s wife Isabel recently broke down on Instagram about the death of her mother and brother. While Isabel was never featured on Little People, Big World, most fans know her mother passed away in 2014. She lost her battle to breast cancer. They don’t necessarily know what happened to her brother. How did Isabel Rock’s brother Tomas Garreton die? Here’s what we’ve dug up about him and his death.

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel was exceptionally close to her mother.

As we recently reported, Isabel started the month of July by getting candid on Instagram. She revealed that she wasn’t coping so well with the loss of her brother and mother. Turns out, she’s been pretending to be strong and happy for the benefit of others. Overtime, saying she was fine became habit. And, it has really started to weigh her down.

Isabel often posts tributes to her mother on Instagram. She tells her Instagram following her mother was the best friend she’d ever had. She was the kind of girl who preferred to talk to and spend time with her mother over anyone else. So, it hasn’t been easy to continue to live without her mother in her world. But, she’s getting help via therapy. And, she’s done pretending to be strong for others.

So, how did her brother Tomas Garreton die?

Now, as outlets start reporting on her emotional breakdown on Instagram… Most have covered details of Isabel’s mother’s death. But, there hasn’t been a lot of information about her brother. Some of the reports didn’t even mention him by name. So, one of the first questions that comes to mind as people read her emotional and raw Instagram post was simple. How did Isabel Rollof’s brother pass away?

According to Park Record, Tomas Garreton was a 25-year-old musician, and part of a band called Profane Sass. He grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon.

His mother told the outlet Tomas listened to Beatles and Neil Young when he grew up.

“The love is pouring in from the whole world right now. He was an extraordinary person. He really found his voice when he started singing.” His mother revealed.

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I am good at pretending. Pretending I am okay when I am not. Currently, I am not. And only a few people in my life right now know how deeply I am not. Pretending became easier than showing others how broken I was when my brother passed away eight years ago and everyone else around me, understandably, fell apart. The light of our lives was ripped from us, and we all lost ourselves one by one. But I pretended not to. I held it together. I didn’t see a choice. I made big decisions for the family, I answered the door every time, I went to school. I pretended. And that pretending has continued on to this day. Every tragedy or hard time. I smile, I nod, I pretend. It turned into me saying “I’m okay” without thinking. Just an impulse. And mostly, people will believe you when you say that. No longer can I pretend that losing my brother and then my mom within a year of each other has not effected my mental health greatly. Now, I am paying for it in a major way. My anxiety keeps me from trusting anyone, or living much of a normal life. My depression keeps me from seeing that I deserve joy, and peace. It always feels so far out of reach. I have finally made the steps to see a therapist, after all this time, to let down those walls and finally admit to somebody, “I am not okay.” A lot of people see me as strong. And maybe I am to some degree. But I’m also just really good at pretending. And I don’t want to be anymore.

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Turns out, Isabel’s brother’s death was a tragic accident. He was riding on a freight train at the time of his death. It was traveling from Philadelphia to Baltimore at the time. Isabel’s brother fell off of the freight train and was killed.

It was a freak accident. He wasn’t an inexperienced train rider. He’d been riding freight train for years.

Unfortunately, there is not much other information regarding the details of how Isabel Roloff’s brother passed away.

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