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Are Duggar Women Allowed To Be Less Modest While Pregnant?

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Pregnant Duggar women and being modest… The topic certainly has the Duggar Snarks talking on Reddit. But, what are they saying exactly? Keep reading to find out.

Joy-Anna’s most recent Instagram post had Duggar Snarks reeling.

Joy-Anna Forsyth posted a photo of herself and her 30-week baby bump a little less than two weeks ago. The photo really got people talking. As we previously reported, they took pretty big issue with the gun safe in the background.

But, the gun safe was far from the only topic that swirled because of the photo. Why was Joy-Anna wearing such tight clothing? Did modesty go out the window while Duggar women are pregnant? Duggar Snarks certainly seem to think that might be the case.

In fact, here’s some of what Duggar Snarks had to say about Joy-Anna’s snug ensemble.

  • “Nice! Can the baby breathe in there? That’s snuggggg.”
  • “I’m so sick of them constantly harping about “mOdEsTy” but they turn around then wear the tightest clothes possible when they’re pregnant. (Looking at you, Jessa). They do make modest maternity clothes.”
  • “So showing your belly button is ok as long as you’re knocked up. Got it.”
  • “Yeah, you can dress like a total sl*t when pregnant.”
  • “Yet they’d forbid a halter for a non-pregnant female or complain about breastfeeding in public. It’s like pregnant go right ahead, not pregnant or breastfeeding? Cover up.”

Pregnant Jinger Vuolo’s post from five days ago also got people talking about being modest.

Jinger posted a photo of herself rocking a vibrant green dress that ended just above her knees. The dress was fairly thin and fairly snug. The top of the dress featured a v-neck line and pretty snugly hugged her engorged bosom. Again, many questioned in being modest went out the window because Jinger Duggar Vuolo was pregnant.

On Reddit Duggar Snarks certainly had a lot to say about Jinger’s post as well.

  • “How is Jinger getting away with this?” 
  • “Funny thing is that dress is actually super modest by my standards. Like I’d wear it to the office. But I bet JB is seething as we speak.”
  • “That’s possibly the lowest neckline I’ve seen on a Duggar daughter.”
  • “Well she is pregnant. Their modesty standards get lowered substantially when it comes to showing off their pregnancy.”

Overall, Duggar Snarks didn’t necessarily question whether Jinger’s outfit was modest or not. But, they believed Jim Bob Duggar would not like it.

So, do you think being modest goes out the window for pregnant Duggar women? Sound off in the comments and tell us about it!

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