‘Live PD’ To Return In A Different Format After Cancellation? Why It’s Likely

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Live PD could return in a new format. This comes after A&E canceled the No. 1 cable show earlier this month. On Wednesday, June 10 fans learned the fate of the show amid the Black Lives Matter movement. The network’s decision came after Paramount Network canceled Cops.

The ongoing protests addressing discrimination, police brutality, and racial justice lead to the sudden decisions. Both police reality TV shows had a dedicated group of fans. Then it was reported that the network ended the Dan Abrams-hosted program after ordering 16- new episodes. But fans will likely see the return of the true-crime docuseries in a similar format.

Live PD Nation could see the return of A&E show

According to the International Business Times, Live PD could return shortly. Before the cancellation, Dan Abrams told fans that the show would return. During the time, A&E did not cancel the series and postponed a weekend’s worth of episodes due to the nationwide protests. In his tweet, Abrams promised fans that everyone involved with the show is “as committed to it as ever,” while hinting that discussions were taking place. There were no intentions of leaving their beloved fanbase behind.

But A&E immediately pulled Live PD from its lineup. The network released a statement about its decision. Abrams was “shocked” and “beyond disappointed” about the network’s decision. Then he added that the show was in its “spot trending at #1 again” on Twitter following its demise. Additionally, A&E said that there have been talks over finding a way to tell the stories of the communities and law enforcement. Abrams also teased that there was more “information” to come in the future.

Since then, conflicting theories emerged since the cancellation. Per The Hollywood Reporter, an insider said that the show could return in a similar format in the future.

“Could it come back in six months or a year in a way that shows unity between the community and policing?” the alleged source asked, adding, “I think so.”

However, not everyone believes in the show’s comeback

Of course, not everyone is positive about the show’s future. Prior to the cancellation, the docuseries made headlines after it destroyed unaired footage of Javier Ambler’s death, which Live PD cameras captured in Austin, Texas in March 2019. Following a nearly 20-minute pursuit, law enforcement restrained the 40-year-old in a way that made it difficult for him to breathe.

After Ambler revealed he couldn’t breathe, and informed police he had congestive heart failure, he was tased four times. This resulted in his death. In his latest post on Law & Crime on June 11, Abrams said he wasn’t sure if the show had a future. When asked about the show’s cancellation, he said he was “frustrated and sad” because he “truly believed in the mission of the show to provide transparency in policing.”

Despite the controversy, Abrams felt that Live PD was different from other cop shows. He addressed that it followed the cops in real-time and featured “the bad, the good, and often the mundane and boring.”

“I will miss it all,” he added.

Is Live PD gone for good?

As El Paso Inc. mentioned, it’s no doubt that the recent protests changed television. Cops, which was on the air for 33 seasons, helped control the narrative on how viewers identified with police officers on patrol. A&E did something similar with Live PD, especially since most of its police officers were portrayed as local celebrities.

A&E’s abrupt cancellation brought an end to Lawrence police fame. According to Indy Star, that 15 minutes of fame came to an end for the Lawrence Police Department.

“Our experience with Live PD was a positive one,” Lawrence Police Deputy Chief Gary Woodruff said. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to be one of the many departments to help the story of policing in America.”


The Lawrence Police Department declined to comment on the show’s cancellation. Live PD became one of the most-watched shows on A&E. The show made an impact on the Lawrence officers and crew members who captured their every move. It even made stars of the show’s hosts – Sean “Sticks” Larkin, Tom Morris Jr., and Abrams himself.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Live PD will return in the future? Sound off below in the comments section.

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