Lindsie Chrisley Kills Instagram Troll With Kindness

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Lindsie Chrisley posted a very sweet tribute to her husband William Campbell a few days ago. The photo accumulated just shy of 20,000 likes. And, a few hundred comments.

Most of her followers loved the sweet post.

For the most part, her followers were here for the sweet tribute to William. They loved seeing the adorable photo featuring Lindsie and her husband. Many gushed over Lindsie and William being the cutest couple on Instagram.

Now, as we’ve mentioned previously, Lindsie Chrisley is a bit unique compared to other reality TV stars. Technically, she did walk away from Chrisley Knows Best. And, she doesn’t have nearly as large of a following as her family members.

But, Lindsie does have over 500,000 people who follow her on Instagram. Despite having that healthy following and being what some consider a “celebrity,” Lindsie makes a huge effort to respond to people on Instagram. So, it is common to see Lindsie respond to many of the comments on her own posts.

Lindsie attracts a lot of trolls.

Unfortunately, Lindsie Chrisley is the black sheep of her family. And, some of the Chrisley Knows Best fans are quick to slam Lindsie whenever they get the chance. Lindsie, however, has never been afraid of social media trolls.

In addition to making a habit of responding to comments… She also makes a habit of responding to trolls. She, however, doesn’t always come at them in an aggressive manner. In fact, sometimes, she takes a sweeter approach.

Lindsie Chrisley claps back with kind words.

Now, most of the comments on her sweet tribute to her husband were kind, loving, and supportive. But, she did have one individual who felt the need to be ugly.

“Glad ya’ll got past the infidelity,” the individual said. Taking an indirect dig at Lindsie.

The negative comment accumulated just over a couple dozen responses. Lindsie was one of the first.

Lindsie responded: “Awe sweetie, I hope you were fulfilled while making this comment.”

Chrisley ended the caption with a black heart. Effectively killing the troll with kindness.

Many of Lindsie Chrisley’s followers, however, were not so kind. They did not care for the negative comment. In fact, here’s what some of them had to say:

  • “how sad you felt the need to put such a tasteless, inconsiderate, no class comment. Wow…”
  • “Not funny and NOT appropriate. If you don’t like Lindsie then get off the page. It is TRULY a simple task to hit ‘unfollow’… Get a grip or a life or something that makes you happy ‘Karen’…the world is SO tired of people like you. #Blocked”

Despite all the attention, the troll was not done. They responded to the comment once more.

“Hope you were fulfilled when you accused your family of those horrible accusations. You act like your perfect and your a victim. Yet your the one that cheated on your husband. So don’t talk about being classless.” They fired back.

Are you surprised to see Lindsie Chrisley has so much support on Instagram? Sound off in the comments down below.

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