Kelley Flanagan Is Not Happy With Chris Harrison’s Recent Interview With Peter Weber’s Exes

Kelley Flanagan

Kelley Flanagan took to Instagram after The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! aired. However, it was to react to Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett’s chat with Chris Harrison about Peter Weber. Sluss and Prewett had nothing but wonderful things to say during their joint interview with Chris Harrison, but Kelley Flanagan wasn’t having it.

“The past is the past, let’s let everyone move on in peace,” Flanagan wrote. She also wanted to know why Harrison keeps asking such disrespectful questions. Not surprisingly, because Kelley is now dating Peter and wants to protect her new love. Harrison asked the two Bachelor season contestants about their failed relationships with Peter Weber, 28.

Drama And Relationships

Hannah Ann told Chris that After The Final Rose, “I walked off that stage, I never looked back. And I’m not going to let an unfortunate situation knock me down.” Sluss said, “I stand by everything that I said. That was my piece.”

According to US Weekly, Madison Prewett, for her part, addressed Peter Weber’s romance with Kelley Flanagan and her awkward relationship with the pilot’s mother, Barbara Weber.

She said, “Kelley and I were really close on the show and clearly I loved Peter. I’m happy he’s found a person that he feels he can be the best version of himself. That it’s with someone his family loves and supports.”

Then, she continues, “As far as with Barb, there are absolutely no hard feelings there. Because, she’s a good mom she was just doing her job to protect her son in the way that she felt she needed to. I wish them all the best.”

However, Chris not fully convinced asked again about Barb. Madison said, “I really was upset after the show. Yes, I cried by myself. But, now, I’m in such a good place now.”

Kelley Flanagan And Peter Weber Are Happy

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber joined Chris a week before Hannah Ann and Madison to catch-up. Weber talked about his experience on the show and what he expected. Peter said, “I remember going in, and I wanted that love story more than anything, and I can honestly say it worked out in the end.”

Then, Peter says, “Post-show, honestly, I’m doing good. I’m extremely happy. It feels so good to be able to say that and I’m just very hopeful for the future. … I am very, very happy with this one.”

Peter doesn’t think ending up with Kelley was a coincidence. They had met prior to his stint on The Bachelor. During the show, Peter then sent the lawyer home in week 7. Because things didn’t work out with Hannah Ann and Madison Peter found himself in Chicago and connecting with Kelley. Seems as if everything worked out the way they were supposed to.

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