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Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell tied the knot on March 25, 2020. Since then, Bindi has posted many pictures from their magical day. On Saturday, May 30, she described her wedding day in an Instagram post. She says that although things didn’t go as planned, she’s thankful to have started the next chapter of her life with Chandler.

Changes in Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s wedding plans

Due to the coronavirus, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell decided to hold a small ceremony with no guests. Bindi said that this wasn’t an easy decision for her, but she wanted to put everyone’s safety first. The couple’s family and friends supported their choice to go through with their wedding privately.

Because both Bindi and Chandler love animals, they wanted to have some of their favorites included in the wedding. Some of their wedding photos feature koalas, dogs, and giraffes. In her most recent Instagram post, Bindi said that a paparazzi helicopter flew over the venue and scared the animals. Unfortunately, this meant that the couple had to leave the venue where they’d been planning on getting married for years. They ended up getting married in a barn, which was much different than their dream location in the African Savannah.

The couple found a silver lining

From the cake and flowers to the guests and venue, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s wedding was quite different than anticipated. However, Bindi says that these challenges made it more obvious that love always wins. They found ways around each challenge they faced. Their wedding didn’t go perfectly, but Bindi and Chandler are so deeply in love that it didn’t matter to them.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Bindi says, “Chandler stopped what he was doing and sat next to me. I asked him to list me happy things. He proceeded to remind me that love ALWAYS wins.” She continues, “Despite everything, we got married and I’ll forever be grateful. Sure, things weren’t perfect but that’s life. Life is messy and beautiful and meant to be felt.” Many brides are devastated when their big day is different than they imagined. However, Bindi Irwin found a way to stay positive amidst the chaos.

Bindi’s favorite wedding picture

On May 30, Bindi posted her favorite picture from the big day. The picture, which was taken in the barn, captures the moment when Chandler was reminding Bindi of things that make her happy. It shows the pure joy that the couple shares. Bindi wrote in the caption, “Our wedding day wasn’t what we planned but it was an extraordinary starting point for our marriage to bloom.”

Chandler feels the same way about their wedding day. He commented, “And through anything life throws our way, we will always have each other. I love you,” with a heart emoji. Fans commented to share their support and best wishes for the newlyweds.

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