Jinger Vuolo Pregnant: Expecting Baby Girl After Suffering Miscarriage

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Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy are pregnant! Expecting their second child, the duo confirmed they are having a baby girl! This, however, wasn’t the only piece of information. Turns out, this blessing comes after a devastating miscarriage last fall. The couple sat down with People Magazine to give Counting On fans all the details.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are thrilled to be pregnant again.

“We are so excited. Felicity is going to have to have a sister. Everything looks great with the baby. We’re so thankful. Had a lot of check-ups and we’re just really, really excited,” Jinger gushed to People Magazine.

As those who follow the Duggar family know, Jinger and Jeremy already have one child together. They welcomed their daughter Felicity Nicole Vuolo into the world at 4:37 a.m. on July 19th. According to Good Housekeeping, Felicity weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces at her birth.

During her exclusive interview with the magazine, the proud mama-to-be also spilled how Felicity felt about becoming a big sister.

“We told her, but she doesn’t quite understand everything yet. Not being 2 yet, but she, she comes up to my belly and says, ‘Baby. Baby.’”

The couple share just how much of a blessing this pregnancy is.

While members of the Duggar family consider every pregnancy to be a blessing… This is especially true for this particular pregnancy. People Magazine reveals Jinger is 15 weeks along. And, this pregnancy comes after suffering a devastating miscarriage back in the fall.


“The morning after we announced to family that we were expecting, Jinger woke up and, woke me up very early in the morning, saying that she thought she lost the baby. We found out later that day that she had. That was very difficult and definitely a trial for us,” Jeremy recalls to the magazine.

Jinger added that it was a time where faith “tried” them both. They, however, looked to God for answers and comfort. They leaned on friends and family for love and support.

It was such a hard time, but Jer just really supported me, and it was just such a tremendous blessing to have many people who loved on us in that difficulty.”

Unsurprisingly, the couple is over the moon to learn they are expecting again.

The emotional experience will be part of the next season of Counting On.

Fans who were concerned about the future of Counting On can now rejoice. The couple also confirm a new season of the TLC series is coming. In fact, fans will get front row seats for the emotional experience as part of the new season.

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