‘DWTS’ Alum Sailor Brinkley-Cook Opens Up About Mental Health, Body Issues

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Down with Photoshop! Dancing With The Stars alum Sailor Brinkley-Cook gets real about how seeing ‘perfect’ Instagram photos affects her self-esteem. Guess what, world? Even 21-year-old models get cellulite, she shares. 

DWTS Live Tour Ended Early

As fans know, Sailor Brinkley-Cook replaced her supermodel mom, Christie Brinkley, on last season’s Dancing With The Stars. Christie fell during rehearsals and broke her arm before Season 28 even aired. 

Sailor stepped in to fill her mom’s dancing shoes. However, she was eliminated in the show’s sixth week. If you don’t recall, fans kept ‘saving’ Sean Spicer elimination, despite his low scores,  per TV Shows Ace

The model was one of several DWTS Season 28 contestants involved in the Live Tour of 2020. The tour was abruptly postponed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. ABC has yet to announce any news about when the tour will be back on.

Sailor paid tribute to her tour companions on Instagram when the postponement was announced. She called the tour “one of the coolest things” she’s ever done.



She’s been in quarantine pretty much since the tour ended. Sailor’s doing a lot of self-reflecting these days. 

Sailor Brinkley-Cook Reveals She’s Been Feeling ‘Down’ About Her Body, Slams Photoshop

In a vulnerable social media post over the weekend, Sailor gets candid about her body issues. She reveals that she compares herself to “perfect” girls on Instagram with “tiny little waists” and chopstick thighs. 

“I’m so f**king sick and tired of the Photoshop,” she begins. She opens up about “feeling so down” on herself lately. Sailor admits that she’s been “crying” over her cellulite and “getting mad” with herself because she’s not as thin as she once was. 

Sailor reveals that her body issues are rising to the surface, including “body dysmorphia” and “eating disorder tendencies.” 

She notes that as a young woman, her body “shifts and changes” monthly and she can no longer control it. Sailor admits that she compares her body with the “perfect” photos she sees on Instagram. Even though she knows that an app on her phone shouldn’t dictate how she feels about her own body, E! News reports.

‘I Have Cellulite and a Stomach,’ the DWTS Alum Declares

What started as a rant against photoshop turns into a body-positive appraisal of her own body. She writes that she’s “so f**king LUCKY to have two legs” and her health. She reveals that she’s “tired” of being ashamed of her body. As a result, she decides to share some hard truths about her body on Instagram

“I have cellulite,” she informs her followers. Furthermore, she has a “stomach that doesn’t’ always look ‘pleasant.’” (“Whatever the f**k that means.”) 

Sailor says she is an imperfect human, just like everyone else. 


Supermodel’s Daughter Encourages Followers to ‘Appreciate’ Themselves 

The DWTS contestant ends her post by encouraging her followers to embrace their bodies. She writes, “I’m proud as hell of my body,” telling fans to “appreciate yourselves”

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on Sailor’s body-positive post. 

Dancing With The Stars usually returns to ABC this fall, but the coronavirus shutdown has television schedules up in the air. Check back with TV Shows Ace for filming and casting updates for DWTS and your other favorite shows. See Sailor’s full post below.

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