Khloe & Tristan Thompson Take Legal Action Against Kimberly Alexander

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Khloe Kardashian is in the middle of baby drama with Tristan Thompson. Khloe is being accused of falsifying paternity results for Tristan which has resulted in them having to take legal action.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe have sent a cease and desist letter via their former lawyer Marty Singer to Kimberly Alexander. Kimberly is asked, “immediately stop defaming Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian with malicious defamatory lies and specious fabrications.” This is in regards to a paternity claim that has surfaced online. Supposedly, Tristan Thompson took a paternity test in Jan 2020. According to paperwork from LB Genetics.

According to E! News a tabloid site Gossip of the City published the paternity test along with text messages supposedly, from Tristan Thompson to Kimberly. As well as, a copy of emails Kimberly received from her former attorney, Lisa Bloom.

The couples attorney, Singer, confirmed Tristan took the paternity test and it came back negative. Kimberly thinks that somehow Thompson and Khloe falsified the test results. And, therefore, requested Tristan take another paternity test. Because the Kardashian family has previously used the same trustworthy lab.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe May Have To Go To Court

Khloe may be Tristan Thompson’s baby mama, but it doesn’t mean she will do anything for him. She has been letting Tristan stay with her and True during the coronavirus lock down for co-parenting reasons.

In the cease and desist letter to Kimberly it states, “It has been proven that Mr. Thompson is not the father of your child and demand that you stop claiming that he is, and that he and Ms. Kardashian somehow falsified the paternity test results,” their lawyer writes.

It is defamatory to falsely assert that someone is a deadbeat dad who does not support his children, and to falsely accuse my clients of faking paternity test results.”

These are very serious claims and if Kimberly disregards the letter and continues to defame Tristan Thompson or Khloe on social media she may find herself in court facing multi-million-dollar claims.

Tristan Can’t Catch A Break With Khloe

Khloe found out Tristan had been unfaithful when she was nine months pregnant. She was hoping to work things out. But, the final straw was when her little sister Kylie’s best friend, Jordan Woods kissed Thompson at a party. Unfortunately, it seems as if Tristan can’t catch a break to win Khloe back.

Tristan Thompson already parents two children, he has a son Prince Thompson 3 years old, with Jordan Craig. And, Thompson and Khloe welcomed True Thompson 2 years old, in 2018. Jordan claims she was still with Thompson when he started seeing Khloe. Sadly, Jordan Craig claims he left her pregnant and alone while he started a relationship with Khloe. As a result, Tristan Thompson has a history of not being faithful to one woman.

There has been no response from Kimberly when E! reached out on the cease and desist letter. You can watch KUWTK to find out the latest on Thursday’s on E!.

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