Kim Kardashian Wishes That Kanye West Would Spend More Time With Her In Quarantine

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly “feeling neglected” by Kanye West while in quarantine. This comes amid the reports that the couple has been quarreling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s reportedly dealing with marital issues with the rapper. The couple are even living on opposite ends of their multi-million-dollar home in Los Angeles.

The couple is currently quarantining with their four children – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm since March. Of course, this offered the family some much-needed quality time. But sources revealed that have been fighting non-stop. They can’t agree when it comes to raising their kids.

Kim feels “neglected” by Kanye while in quarantine

Per In Touch Weekly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren’t getting along. The rapper “struggles to adjust” to this new lifestyle, while the reality star is “feeling neglected.” The quarantine has caused a strain on their marriage. An insider close to the couple told the magazine that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star started struggling with anxiety.

“Her panic attacks are getting worse as she tries to balance looking after the kids with her insane schedule,” the source said. “In the past, it was Kim who needed space from Kanye, but the tables have turned. … Things between them are turning uglier than ever.”

However, the 42-year-old rapper doesn’t feel bad for her. He thinks that Kim is a “hypocrite” because she’s placed work ahead of their marriage. Now, she’s complaining that he’s doing the same. Kanye also “accused Kim of having double standards” and “allowing her selfishness to get in the way of him perusing his dreams.” He feels that she should be focused on his creative genius.

The couple continues to clash about how and where they should spend their time. They can’t agree on anything, whether it comes to self-isolating in one of their mansions or taking care of their kids. Kim’s constant nagging is pushing Kanye away.

Kimye sleep in separate bedrooms

The insider also revealed that their constant arguing has led them to sleep in different bedrooms. Kim Kardashian doesn’t like it when Kanye West comes home at 3 in the morning. It disturbs her from her sleep. But she doesn’t want to sleep in an empty bed either.

“The feelings of loneliness have gotten too much for her to handle,” the source continued. “She’ll fall asleep with the kids next to her for company.”

Kim stayed by Kanye’s side despite his past controversies. But her friends and family think the quarantine could be the one thing that tears them apart. They’re wondering if the couple will even survive this difficult time.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can’t get along

The couple are in constant disagreement over their children, as it’s reported that the KKW beauty founder is self-occupied while the “Jesus Is King” rapper is off on his own. Kim hates that most of the parental responsibilities have fallen on her. As a result, the couple is living on “opposite ends” of their mansion to “keep things civil.”

This latest report comes after Kim’s marital problems with Kanye after Us Weekly echoed similar statements. Kim wants more help with the kids, but Kanye wants to focus on creating new music. She wants more help from her husband if they’re going to continue to self-isolate together.

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