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Did Jessa Seewald Not Prepare Her Home For Little Ivy?

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Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald have three children together. They are Spurgeon Elliot (born November 5, 2015), Henry Wilberforce (born February 6, 2017), and Ivy Jane (born May 26, 2019). Thanks to how active she is on social media, it is very easy for Duggar fans to keep in the loop about all things Seewald.

Within the Duggar family tree, birth control is frowned upon. The family believes they will have as many children as God decides and allows them to have. While there is no denying Jessa and Ben love their children… They question whether the Seewald household was really prepared for the latest addition to the family. Did Jessa Seewald put much time and effort into preparing for little Ivy? Here’s why some are questioning if this might be the case.

Duggar Snarks have more opinions on Jessa and Ben’s home tour.

As we previously reported, Duggar fans got to go on a tour of Ben and Jessa Seewald’s home back in February. While a significant amount of time has passed since then… People are STILL talking about it. A little over a week ago, a Reddit user took to the Duggar Snark subreddit. They wanted to share a very detailed post with observations. Observations they made about the home. One thing the individual focused on in particular was how the home didn’t really look much like a baby lived there. In fact, the individual felt as though Jessa and Ben did very little to prepare for the birth of their daughter Ivy. Is the home even baby-friendly?

Here’s what the Duggar Snark had to say:

I’m just realizing that Jessa made absolutely zero effort adding Ivy to the household beyond emptying half a drawer in their changing table. I have three young kids, so I understand not having the time and energy to make a big fuss. But for our third baby I at least set up the crib, bought some new sheets and blankets and added some simple decorations. You’d think the first girl (bOwS! rUfFlEs! PiNk!) would inspire Jessa (or at least Jana).”

One individual chimed in that it is possible Ben and Jessa Seewald couldn’t afford to prepare for baby Ivy. This theory stems from the fact that no one is really sure what Ben does for a living.

Will the Seewalds move into a bigger home?

Some suspected Ben and Jessa would only move into a bigger home with enough space to accommodate their children when they get pregnant again. Or, when Ivy Jane reaches an age at which she needs her own room. After all, it is frowned upon for brothers and sisters to share a room within this family.

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Fortunately, Ben and Jessa Seewald are pretty open on social media. So, if they make changes to their home… They are likely to share it with their fans.

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