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‘Y&P’ Star Rachel Beaver’s Mom Sheds Light On Recent Surgeries

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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver is currently in recovery after undergoing FOUR simultaneous surgeries. The 17-year-old mother-of-one took to her Instagram Stories to share how she was feeling with her fans recently. Doctors removed both her adenoids and tonsils during the four surgeries.

Rachel Beaver looked pretty rough on her Instagram Stories.

On her Instagram Stories, fans saw a pretty run-down looking version of Rachel Beaver. Her nose was completely taped up. She had visible tears forming in her eyes. According to the caption on her Instagram Stories snap, she was in an immense amount of pain. She discouraged anyone who had the choice from having four surgeries done at the same time. She added that she had difficulty swallow. And, she was having trouble breathing.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else for Young and Pregnant fans to go on regarding the current status of Rachel Beaver following the surgery. Furthermore, she hasn’t been very active on Instagram as of late. In fact, her latest post was a Happy Easter post featuring a few adorable snaps of her daughter.

Some Young and Pregnant fans speculate she likely hasn’t been feeling well for a while leading up to the surgery. Perhaps that’s why she hasn’t been very active on Instagram.

[Rachel Beaver Instagram Stories]

Young and Pregnant fans asked about Rachel on her mother’s Instagram.

While there did not appear to be anyone bothering Rachel on her most recent Instagram… There were a few people asking questions on her mother Stephanie’s Instagram.

“So question not to be rude @stephbpolo because I love your family and am proud of the struggles you’ve overcome but now that Rachael had surgery is Mal not trying to come get Emerson ? A baby her age shouldn’t have to go to the hospital and she’s been away quite a while to not be able to give a the virus to Emerson If toy did have gotten it.”

The question above didn’t directly ask about Rachel. But, it did give Stephanie an opportunity to share a little info about how they kept the babies safe while Rachel was in the hospital.

Stephanie responded: “Thank God I did not have to take her to the hospital it was just me and my mom and Rachel my mom even had to sit in the car and I had to sit there and surgery waiting room we were there for six hours luckily I have my boyfriend Mike he’s a great Papaw to help us take care of them when needed.”

Thanks to the assistance of her boyfriend Mike, Stephanie did not have to worry about exposing either granddaughter to the hospital.

Followers found the strong family support Rachel and Stephanie had during this time was refreshing.

How is Rachel Beaver doing after the surgeries?

Unfortunately, Rachel Beaver remains relatively silent on social media. Young and Pregnant fans assume she’s resting and recovering at this time. Her mother, however, must be getting bombarded with friends, family, and fans asking how her daughter is doing. Because she took to Facebook a few days ago to provide a very detailed update on her daughter.

Okay for everyone who's asking Rachel had four surgeries at once today we were there for about 6 hours she was asleep…

Posted by Steph Polo on Friday, May 1, 2020

According to Steph, the decision to have her daughters’ tonsils removed was very last minute.

She concluded the detailed update by thanking everyone for their support. “Thank you for all of the good wishes and all of the prayers I love you all for that and please keep us in it this is very rough on me and very rough on her at the same time God bless y’all,” she gushed.

Fans react to Steph’s update about her daughter.

People flooded the comments of the post with love and support. Many wished Rachel a speedy recover. Some noted it was the right decision as she’ll feel loads better once she heals. There were even a few who were sad. They were sad that they could recall people who made fun of the way Rachel sounded. They noted Rachel likely “sounded funny” because of her deviated septum.

In the comments, her mother did mention it was a mandatory surgery and not an elective surgery. This was in response to many who questioned whether it was an emergent situation.

Overall, however, things seem to be going great for Rachel Beaver and her family.

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