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Amy Roloff Is Struggling During The Pandemic, Misses Her Family

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff got super relatable on social media recently. She reminded fans of the TLC show that reality TV stars are also struggling with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In fact, she got super candid on a Facebook Live video about how the current state of things had her feeling. And, as it turns, she isn’t feeling great.

Little People, Big World is currently on TV, so fans are following the cast.

Reality TV stars tend to trend a lot more both in media headlines and via social media when new episodes of their shows are currently airing. And, as everyone knows, a new season of LPBW is in full swing.

With the new Season, fans got to see Chris Marek propose to Amy Roloff. Fans also watched Amy make the difficult decision to leave Roloff Farms. But, as fans of reality TV know, there is always a gap between when a show airs and where the reality stars are at in their real life. Reality stars such as Amy Roloff have to be careful not to spoil the show. So, other than hyping up the show and discussing things that have already aired… Reality TV stars usually discuss completely different topics via social media. For this LPBW star, the latest topic of conversation was COVID-19.

Amy Roloff is sad, feels she’s missing major milestones because of the virus.

As we previously reported, Amy Roloff had originally caught a little heat for social distancing. It appears, however, as if she’s now doing her part to flatten the curve. As a result, however, she’s missing out on a lot of major family milestones.

For starters, she and millions of other mothers around the world are missing out on celebrating Mother’s Day this year. Moreover, she has a fair number of children and grandchildren. So, birthdays are sure to come and go during the pandemic.

“I’m not gonna really be able to be with my kids, I don’t think,” Amy told her Facebook Live stream.

And May is a big month. Not only is it Mother’s Day, but Jeremy and Zachary are celebrating their 30th birthday. Can you believe that? They’re going to be 30 years old.”

Amy explained that 30 was a huge milestone for a person. She added that they were both married to beautiful women. She noted that Audrey and Tori were “wonderful daughter-in-laws.” In regards to milestones, it is almost her grandson Jackson’s birthday as well.

I’m gonna miss a 30th, I’m gonna miss a 3rd birthday of Jackson’s, Tori’s birthday, give a great big shoutout to them.”

Now, Amy does plan on doing what she can to celebrate. She plans to deliver homemade chocolate cake so she can be part of the celebration in spirit.

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What’s keeping you entertained while being ‘quarantine’ and staying home during Corona virus? For Chris and I it’s projects around the house, playing shuffle board and games, another puzzle done, cooking, trying to keep business going and probable watching a little too much tv and eating 😄… oh dear. We’re just appreciating being together ♥️ and I’m looking forward to when I can really see and visit my kids and grandkids. But.. we are keeping ourselves entertained at home and safe and thankfully we’re staying healthy. Thank you to all those still on the #frontlines, #healthcareworkers and everyone else keeping life moving (grocery stores, gas stations, garbage, truck drivers, delivery people, the mail and local restaurants for take out…). We’re doing this together til we can see what our new normal is. Keep the faith and always have hope. I’ll get back to Chris and we’ll pick out a new show to watch. Hope everyone is hanging in there. Stay safe and healthy for you and everyone else 😊♥️✝️ #stayingin #amyroloffsnextchapter #storyofamyrandchrism #thankful #havehope

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Amy Roloff reassures her followers feeling sad right now is OK.

During her Facebook Live, Amy Roloff got super candid with her followers. She opened up about what they might be feeling or experiencing during this difficult time.

I know so many of you guys are missing some huge, huge events. We hear it on the news. We hear it all over the place. Those are milestones and those are really deep, sad moments. And I think it is OK to be sad for those moments a little bit. Find ways to be proud of the fact that you made it to your senior year, you did excellent … an find a different way to celebrate it afterwards.”

In the comments of the Facebook Live stream, her followers found comfort in the words. They thanked her for being so open and honest about her feelings. They hoped the world would return to normal soon. So, everyone could go back to spending time with their family.

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