Photo Proof Victoria Fuller Is In Iowa With Former ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules

Victoria Fuller of 'The Bachelor' via Instagram

In a million years nobody would have guessed that Victoria Fuller would be quarantining in Iowa with former Bachelor Chris Soules. Rumors have been flying and there are actually photos on social media that indicate it’s all true. Keep reading to find out what is known about this unlikely, but rather interesting duo.

Victoria and Chris share photos on social media

Neither Chris nor Victoria has spoken up and confirmed they are together in Iowa. However, Bachelor Nation is good at finding clues and solving mysteries. Both Chris and Victoria have posted on social media, just not with each other.

US Weekly has shared details about some of the photo similarities fans have dug up. Earlier in the month, a source confirmed that Chris had slid into Victoria’s Instagram DM’s. Now, it looks like she is hanging out with him in Iowa. Many pics indicate they are together. One in which Victoria is sitting on what appears to be his couch in his living room. Fans compared the couch and pillow to ones Chris has previously posted. A zoom video also appears to show her in Chris’ living room.

More photo proof

To further the photo proof, former Bachelorette Jillian Harris helped renovate Chris’ house after a fire. She has posted photos that do not mention Soules, but also have remarkable similarities within Victoria’s photos. Today, Victoria shared a photo to her Instagram stories from a bed asking which shows she should watch. If one look’s at renovation photos shared by Jillian Harris it matches.

Aside from inside the house, both Chris and Victoria posted pics of what appears to be the same field. In fact, a fan even managed to dissect the photos shared and determined they were in fact in the same vehicle. They based this knowledge off of dots that appeared on both the driver and passenger side windows. The clouds and fields in the photos also both looked nearly identical.

Victoria Fuller via Instagram
Victoria Fuller via Instagram. Pay close attention to the light fixture. Click Here to See the pics from Chris’ home. 

Another Bachelor alum seemingly confirmed they are together

While Chris and Victoria have not spoken up yet, Ashley Iaconetti has. She said she is happy for Chris. She also said she told Victoria she wants to go on a double date with them when quarantine time is over. Ashley therefore indicated she has been in touch with Chris and Victoria. She also said she did not want to define their relationship before they do that themselves.

Hopefully Victoria and Chris will speak out soon. Fans are eager to know what’s exactly going on between them. Do they see a future together? Are they just having fun? Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


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