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‘Sister Wives’ Season 14 Disappointing: Fans Want The Show Cancelled?

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If you found Season 14 of Sister Wives to be disappointing… You aren’t alone. The general consensus among fans of the TLC reality series is that Season 14 wasn’t worthwhile. In fact, some fans seemed to feel that watching it was a colossal waste of time. Do fans even want a Season 15?

Sister Wives recently wrapped up Season 14.

Sister Wives recently wrapped up Season 14. The series has a pretty explosive fan base. Many have watched the Brown family navigate the polygamy lifestyle with their 18 children for over a decade. Many of these loyal fans, however, didn’t care for Season 14. Some described it as “disappointing.”

What didn’t they like about it? Well, Kody Brown continuing to favor his fourth wife Roby Brown is a hard pill for fans to swallow. Moreover, no one enjoyed the rental home drama of Season 14. Some Sister Wives fans took issue with the lack of attention on Kody’s other three wives. Why didn’t Meri, Janelle, and Christine have more screen time? Moreover, why didn’t some of the family’s children have more screen time?

Heartbreaking and disappointed, many fans took to Twitter after the Season Finale aired to express their dislike of the entire Season.

Fans of the series didn’t hold back complaining about how disappointing they felt Season 14 was.

Many Sister Wives fans have been watching the show since it debuted back in 2010. Chances are pretty good these Sister Wives fans will absolutely tune in to a Season 15 if the series gets renewed. That, however, doesn’t stop Sister Wives fans from also being very vocal. Some fans, however, called TLC out on such a horrible season. Maybe TLC should cancel the series?

One Twitter user described Season 14 as “one big headache.” They also noted that the family needed to stop moving so much.

“I was disappointed with this season not gonna lie,” Another disappointed fan penned on Twitter.

Many fans took issue with the entirety of Season 14 being about Robyn and Kody finding a rental home.

What is the status on Season 15 of Sister Wives?

As we recently reported, no one is really sure what will happen to Sister Wives. TLC isn’t a network that makes a habit of official Season renewal confirmations. Moreover, a lot of the fan base questions if the show has anymore story to tell. Do fans even want the series renewed after they found Season 14 to be so disappointing?

Would you watch another Season of Sister Wives? Tell us about it in the comments down below.

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