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LeAnn Rimes Addresses Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian, Calls It A ‘Mistake’


LeAnn Rimes is getting candid about her anxiety and depression. She admits some of the “mistakes” she’s made in her life. One of those mistakes include her affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian.

The two met on the set of the Lifetime movie, Northern Lights. Apparently, their onscreen chemistry was genuine. The country star was caught with the actor while he was married to Brandi Glanville. Now, LeAnn owns up to the hardest parts of her life and how she made peace with it all.

Country superstar admits to her mistakes

In an exclusive interview with People, LeAnn Rimes talked about her struggles with mental health. Back in 2012, she spent 30 days in a mental health facility for anxiety and depression. LeAnn admits that she felt great shame about getting the help she needs. But she knows that taking the stigma away from mental health is important.

The former child star won two Grammys by the time she was 14. She still struggles with her mental health despite her success.

“There was so much emptiness and sadness amidst joy,” she said, as quoted by Yahoo! Entertainment. “And I had to be LeAnn Rimes, the entity, not LeAnn Rimes, the person. I was very fragmented.”

Her mental health only got worse as she got older. The singer dealt with her parent’s public divorce and a lawsuit from her father, Wilbur. LeAnn also went through her own “painful” divorce from Dean Sheremet. This led to her public affair with Eddie. The affair played out in the tabloids. Obviously, it took a toll on the “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” singer.

“There was something in the press every week that was just so fabricated,” LeAnn said. “Obviously there are mistakes that I take great responsibility for. But my whole life I had cared what everyone thought of me. So the public shaming was a deep thing that I took on.”

LeAnn felt the need to retreat at home. She revealed that she suffered from panic attacks, insomnia, and negative thoughts. That’s when she finally decided to seek treatment on her 30th birthday. She did this as a gift to herself.

LeAnn Rimes lives a healthier life in quarantine

These days, the singer practices breathe work and Yin Yoga. LeAnn’s been prescribed medication to treat her anxiety and depression. While she still struggles with her mental health, she knows she can overcome it.

As part of USA Today’s Quarantine Diaries, LeAnn gave fans a glimpse into how she spends her time at home. She’s staying with Eddie and his children amid the coronavirus pandemic. The songstress spends most of her time doing weekly meditation sessions on Instagram Live.

She even performed a cover of Darrell Brown and Beth Nielsen Company’s “There Will Be a Better Day” as an inspiring message of her for her fans.

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Hello beautiful souls! I want to take a moment and acknowledge the heaviness of the times we are in. We are all hurting, scared and struggling in our own ways. I want you all to know that whatever your experience, whatever you are going through, I honor your heart and your experience, you are seen and witnessed. We are in this together and we will uplift one another and come out stronger than ever. I want to express enormous amounts of gratitude to our essential needs workers. Health care and public health workers, law enforcement, public safety and first responders, food and agriculture workers, pharmacies, energy employees, waste and water employees, transportation and logistics workers, communications and information technology workers, critical manufacturing, hazardous material workers, financial services, chemical workers, defense industrial base workers and our national guard and military. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. I also want to express my deepest condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one due to this pandemic. I can only imagine the weight on your heart. You are held in our prayers. Everyone, let’s continue to do our part to help our essential care workers by staying in and staying safe. Our sacrifice is minimal compared to those on the frontlines that are risking their lives to keep us well. During this time of reflection, I wanted to share some footage from a recent studio session. The track is titled ’There Will Be A Better Day’, some of you might recognize this from my Christmas tour. Music has supported my heart in many a dark time, yours too, I’m sure. It helps crack our heart open, helps us feel into the depths where we may be unwilling to go without its melodic embrace to keep us held and safe. Music is a gift, a gift that I have been blessed with and a gift that I know, in moments like these I am meant to be sharing in order to hold those who need to be held. Right now we all need a little light and stillness in our hearts and I hope the lyrics in this song inspire you to let them in. There WILL be a better day and I am holding you til we get there and for as long as I am blessed to have a voice to share. I LovE you.

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LeAnn also loves strength training and bodyweight exercises. She sometimes jumps on her indoor trampoline if she wants to shake things off. If she feels especially nervous, she’ll squeeze in a quick yoga practice.

LeAnn Rimes knows what it’s like to deal with anxiety and depression in an uncertain world. Her daily life in quarantine can teach her fans how to cope with their own struggles.

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