Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Slam In-N-Out Burger’s Lack Of Social Distancing

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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo recently ventured out of the home to grab a burger to eat.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy have been home for four weeks now according to their most recent Instagram post. This, however, doesn’t mean the couple aren’t exiting the house. They are, however, sporting cloth masks in order to keep their family as safe as possible.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo recently took a trip to In-N-Out Burger.

Documented on their Instagram Stories… Jinger and Jeremy recently ventured to In-N-Out Burger to grab a bite to eat. The duo were in line in their vehicle filming a short video clip. The purpose of the video, however, wasn’t to document their dining experience with their fans. It was to call attention to the restaurant. More specifically, it was to call attention to the lack of social distancing going on inside of the building.

The video included a surprised/shocked emoji as Jeremy filled the video over to zoom in on what the inside of the In-N-Out Burger looked like. The video revealed several employees within close proximity of each other. They were physically touching as they reached and grabbed in similar places.

Noticeably, the parking lot of the business was fairly packed. So, it made sense that there were so many employees inside of the store working so hard. Jinger and Jeremy, however, couldn’t help but point out the lack of social distancing going on inside of the store.


Is In-N-Out Burger worried about keeping their employees safe? Or, is making money their only concern? Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo seemed genuinely concerned.

Did they still eat at the business after seeing the inside? According to other updates to their Instagram Stories… They did.

Duggar fans react to the video of the In-N-Out Burger.

In one Duggar Facebook group, fans found the video perplexing. They didn’t understand why Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo were going out to eat if they were so concerned about social distancing. Why didn’t Jinger just cook a meal at home for them? Others took issue with Jeremy being so judgmental about the fast food employees.

Duggar Facebook Group

The overwhelming consensus was Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo should just stay home if they had this much of an issue with social distancing. After all, insisting co-workers needed to social distance was the same as insisting they should social distance while at home.

Do you think Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are out of line? Do you think they should just say home? Does it surprise you to learn they ate at the In-N-Out Burger anyway? Sound off down below.


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