‘Counting On’: What Exactly Is A Duggar Snark?

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Duggar Snark is a term you’ll frequently see used in stories related to the reality series family here at Tv Shows Ace. It, however, may (or may not) be a term Counting On fans completely understand. Is it a term of endearment? Is it a cute nickname for a super fan? Not exactly. In order to help alleviate any confusion, here’s our breakdown of what a Duggar Snark actually is.

The Duggar family has a huge following

It goes without saying that the Duggar family have a huge following. For example, here are some of their Instagram following statistics as of April 2020:

  • The Official Duggar Family’s Instagram: 1.3 million
  • Jana Duggar’s Instagram: 677,000 followers
  • Jinger Vuolo’s Instagram: 1.3 million followers
  • Jessa Seewald’s Instagram: 2.2 million followers
  • Amy King’s Instagram: 408,000 followers
  • Jill Dillard’s Instagram: 1.6 million followers
  • Joseph and Kendra Duggar’s Instagram: 516,000 followers
  • Anna Duggar’s Instagram: 934,000 followers

Now, with so many eyes watching this reality TV series family… It also goes without saying that they’ve picked up a lot of trolls over the years.


So, what is a Duggar Snark anyway?

A Duggar Snark is the exact opposite of a super fan. This is someone who is just as passionate about the Duggars as a fan. The only difference? A Duggar Snark does not like the Counting On family. A Duggar Snark is someone who loves to hate the Duggar family.

There’s an entire community of Duggar Snarks that frequent a Subreddit on a site called Reddit. These individuals watch and follow the Duggar family on social media. They go over everything with a fine tooth comb. These are people who tend to notice when things are amiss long before a fan of the family would. And, they would argue this is because they don’t look at the reality TV family with the same star-stunned glasses.

GRatEfUl fOR teChNoLOgY! Even though it took them longer than most to realize it wasn’t the Devil.
by u/Zacier78_mae in DuggarsSnark

Furthermore, the Duggar Snark world is not limited to Reddit. There are Duggar Snark Facebook groups as well. One closed group in particular makes a huge effort not to let fans or members of the Duggar family into the group.

Individuals within this community spend time doing what they call “snarking” on the family.

Why does any of this matter?

Well, beyond clearing up terminology Tv Shows Ace frequently uses when reporting… There’s a little commotion in the Duggar Snark world right now.

According to a recent thread on the Duggar Snark subreddit… Members of the community noticed journalists and reporters were using various conversations to compose stories about the Duggar family. While doing so isn’t particularly an issue… Some of the journalists were improperly classifying users on the thread as fans.

We’re all famous! Lazy reporters dug into this subreddit’s comment archives from nearly one year ago to write an article speculating who might be the maid of honor for “not-even-courting-yet-Jana”.
by u/not_jessa_blessa in DuggarsSnark

In the chatter of the thread, many furious Reddit users noted the journalists and reporters should at least stop referring to them as “fans” if they were going to quote them.

Stick with us at Tv Shows Ace as we continue to cover the hottest current topics of conversation regarding the Duggar family AND all Duggar related news.

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