What Is ‘Younger’ Star Sutton Foster Doing During The Coronavirus Quarantine?

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Younger fans knows that Season 7 should now be in production, but due to the coronavirus, it has been indefinitely postponed. So, what is star Sutton Foster during the New York City lockdown? Liza Miller fans want to know.

Where In The World Is Sutton Foster?

Inquiring Younger fans want to know where their favorite actress Sutton Foster is, during the horrific coronavirus pandemic. TV Shows Ace has already reported that Sutton Foster’s co-star Debi Mazar was diagnosed with Covid-19 in mid-March. Right now, the TV Land show should be in pre-production, but it is postponed due to the pandemic.

Thankfully Sutton and her family are fine. According to Live At Five, Sutton, her husband Ted, daughter Emily and dog Mable fled to her lakeside home just as the pandemic hit.


What Is Younger Actress Doing During The Quarantine?

What would a two-time winning Tony actress do during a pandemic? Sutton is “dancing in the closet”! She shares that it is a big, walk-in closet and she locks herself inside and just starts dancing. Sutton Foster insists on doing “something creative every day.”

Most of all, she is looking at this situation in the most positive light. “All of these plans that we make change. You have to just appreciate and hold tight to the people around you.”

She also shared that they are watching a “lot” of movies and doing a “lot” of cooking. Most importantly, they are “making some really amazing memories” in this situation. What is she cooking? Penne alla vodka. Along with her dad, who obviously came up with her family, she built a playset for Emily.

The most endearing part of her quarantine is teaching her daughter songs from The Sound of Music. She currently has taught Emily “Do Re Mi, and “My Favorite Things.” Foster points out that Emily “has really good pitch.”

Of course Younger fans will never forget how she sang the iconic Sound of Music song “The Lonely Goatherd” in a very memorable episode of the TV Land show. But what about that other musical that Sutton Foster is supposed to be starring in this fall? This is The Music Man, along with Hugh Jackman.

Will Sutton Foster And Hugh Jackman Still Perform In The Music Man?

What is the status of The Music Man, starring Sutton Foster and Hugh Jackman? Sutton is scheduled to play Marian the librarian to Jackman’s professor Harold Hill. Sutton Foster remains “hopeful” that the Broadway production will still be on. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, Broadway has dimmed its lights until the coronavirus numbers are better. Currently, the confirmed Covid-19 cases, and fatalities are rapidly increasing, so it does not appear that there will be any shows in the near future.

Before the shutdown, they had already begun some preliminary rehearsals. She was quite nervous about playing with Jackman, but was instantly put at ease. Hugh Jackman is pretty wonderful to work with. “Hanging out with him is like a non-event, and I mean that in the highest compliment. He’s the most talented, generous guy, and I keep having to remind myself it’s him. He just really wants to do a good job.”

Younger fans, are you getting anxious about Season 7? Do you plan to visit New York City to see Sutton Foster in The Music Man? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Younger news.


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