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Clay Harbor Confirms Peter Weber, Kelley Flanagan Dating Rumors

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Could it be that all the rumors and speculation about Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are true? It’s possibly just been confirmed on an Instagram Live video. Former Bachelorette contestants Clay Harbor and Chris Randone were chatting it up on Instagram when the subject of Peter and Kelley came up. Keep reading to find out what went down in that chat.

What did Clay have to say about Peter and Kelley?

Cosmopolitan is sharing the details about that call which just outed Kelley and Peter. Bascially, Peter and Kelley came up in the converstion. Clay said, “I’ve met Kelley because she’s from Chicago.” Clay also lives in Chicago and has hung out with them recently. Chris followed up saying, “Homegirl’s dating Peter, right?” Clay straight up answered, “Yes.” He followed that up with saying they would talk more about that in a second.

Clay went on to say, “I think it makes more sense with Kelley. He can have conversations with her, you know? Honestly, physically speaking, I think Pete’s season of women was unbelievable physically attractive, but I think that, you know, a lot of them weren’t as mature as maybe sometimes they have been in the past.”

Other clues they are together

Peter also tagged Kelley in an Instagram post. Fans have figured out he is at her apartment based on the same rug being in both of their videos. Fans spotted Peter and Kelley together last week when they were out on the Riverwalk in Chicago. He even carried her over his shoulder in one of the pics.

They were also seen with a few other friends doing a TikTok. That video was taken down, however, fans captured it before it was deleted.

Hannah Ann Sluss has also commented on the rumors about Peter and Kelley. She said she isn’t surprised, however, she promptly removed all his photos from her Instagram after the pictures surfaced. Peter dumped Hannah Ann after becoming engaged to her on the season finale. He then got back together with Madison Prewett. That only lasted two days. Peter’s family did not like Madi at all and didn’t even try to hide it.

Kelley and Peter have yet to confirm their relationship themselves. Perhaps they are testing the waters before bringing fans into their relationship. But, it looks like the cat is out of the bag so to speak. Thanks Clay for spilling the beans to Bachelor fans who have been dying to know the story between Peter and Kelley. Stay tuned for more information!

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