Duggar: Amy King SLAMMED For Feeding Daxton Blended Baby Food

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Amy King has repeatedly noted she’s no longer a Duggar since marrying Dillon King. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that she’s recognized as a cousin to all of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children. Amy King reportedly doesn’t have much contact with members of her family. At least not until they grow up and move away from their mother and father. She’s considered the rebel of the family. And, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar reportedly fear the influence she would have on their children.

Part of the Duggar family, Amy King is still watched on social media.

Duggar cousin, Amy King, has a lot of people who follow her simply because she is an extended member of the reality series family. Notably, she also has many people who follow her BECAUSE she rebels from the family. To date, Amy King has just over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, all of that attention isn’t always positive. Any time Amy King takes a misstep (especially when it comes to parenting) her follower’s notice. The biggest downside to being in that Duggar spotlight is for every fan… There are just as many trolls.

The mother-of-one shared a sweet snap of baby Daxton.

Yesterday, Amy King took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of baby Daxton.

The photo featured a very vibrant and happy little boy. He had a huge smile on his face, which was covered in baby food. He rocked a grey bib with a blue sleeper that featured monkeys and bananas.

In the caption, Amy King gushed about how much she adored her son’s “gummy smile.” She noted that he was a pretty “messy eater.” She concluded the post by revealing he was enjoying a blueberry and pear puree today.

The responses on Instagram her mostly positive in nature.

On Instagram, Amy King received a lot of love and support from her followers. Many noted they were surprised to see he was already old enough to eat solid foods.


Her followers gushed about how he was an “adorable,” “perfect,” and “sweet” baby.

Some even expressed jealousy as they struggled to get their own baby to enjoy solid foods of various flavors.

On Facebook, Duggar followers were less thrilled by the photo.

On Facebook, Amy King received a lot of backlash for the photo. Why? Well, it was her decision to feed Daxton blended food before he was six months old. For starters, many took issue with the fact that he was a little over a month away from being old enough for solid food. Secondly, introducing blended food first is not recommended by doctors.

Duggar Facebook Group
[Duggar Facebook Group]
Why is she catching heat for the blended food? Well, typically when a person introduces a baby to a new, solid food… They start with a vegetable. Fruit is sweeter than veggies and the theory is babies will be less interested in veggies if you give them fruit first.

Then, there is the issue of food allergies. If you introduce more than one food to a baby at the same time… And they have an allergic reaction… You have no way of knowing what they are allergic to.

Furthermore, some just took an issue with Amy King’s need to detail every second of her life with Daxton. Did her fans really need to see a snap of his face covered in food? Some weren’t sure.

Many found Amy King feeding Daxton solid foods surprising. After all, she goes out of her way to make it clear she breastfeeds him. So, many didn’t expect her to introduce anything other than breast milk so soon.

While there were a few subtle messages questioning Daxton’s age in the comments on Instagram… Most of Amy King’s followers didn’t seem to take the same issue as Facebook users.

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