‘The Bachelorette’ Won’t Happen Until It Is Safe To Do So, Says Chris Harrison

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Bachelorette host Chris Harrison talks about the future of Clare Crawley’s upcoming season. Bachelor Nation can’t wait for the new season. It’s going to be a historic moment since she’s the oldest Bachelorette in history. But will her season ever happen?

The coronavirus pandemic has the entire world on standstill. Most of our beloved shows and events may not happen until the fall season. The Bachelor franchise is on hold as well. Chris Harrison addresses the fate of Clare Crawley’s Bachelorette season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris Harrison talks about the fate of the series

Clare Crawley wants a happy ending to her Bachelorette journey. But it won’t be happening anytime soon, according to Chris Harrison. In an exclusive interview with People, he reveals that her season will not happen until it is safe to do so. She may have to enjoy the single life for as long as she can.

According to the television show host, there is no news on when production will resume on Season 16 of The Bachelorette. Production was initially scheduled to start earlier this month but was postponed due to the global pandemic. It is too risky for the cast and crew to film. Plus, they can’t even travel right now.

“Until we can do this show and do it safely, we won’t do it,” Harrison tells People. “Right now we are just on hold and it’s being postponed. But we’re all chomping at the bit to get back to it and to have Clare be our Bachelorette.”


Clare Crawley has time to stalk Bachelorette contestants

The contestants for her seasons have already been announced. Bachelor Nation even complained about the ages of most of those contestants. Crawley has plenty of time to stalk the men on social media. Some even wonder if she could be communicating with some of these men. Harrison says that’s likely since everyone is bored at home right now.

“Oh, probably,” he explained. “Yeah. I’m sure the first thing I would’ve done, if I got my phone back, was check out the contestants.”

Harrison admitted that Crawley is “frustrated” with all that’s happened in past few weeks. But she’s playing it “safe” and is “doing what she’s supposed to do.” Like everyone else, Crawley has been self-isolating. The new season of The Bachelorette couldn’t come at a worse time. Now, she’s just dreaming of the day when she can embark on her journey.

ABC host clarifies Bachelorette recasting rumors

Since The Bachelorette is on hold, does that mean Crawley will finally get a new group of men? He clarified that the show is not recasting her group of 32 men. During his interview with Access Hollywood, he said that his previous statements were “taken completely out of context,” leading some to believe that the show was recasting new suitors.

However, he doesn’t expect that all 32 men will be available to film the show when production resumes again. So, the casting list may look different than it does now.

“So I’m just saying there might be new guys only because some of these guys just might not be able to make it,” Harrison explained. “I mean, who knows if these guys have jobs now, are looking for jobs, what their families look like.” He adds that they aren’t going to go crazy over recasting the show. But, due to the circumstances, some recasting may happen.

Regardless, Harrison is hopeful about The Bachelor¬†franchise returning soon. It’s all a matter as to when and what series will air first. Of course, Crawley’s season is first priority. ABC is hoping for the show to air by July or August. So, it means it might take five months to get our fix.

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