Will Campbell Spills Lindsie Chrisley’s Adorable Nickname

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Will Campbell has the cutest nickname for his wife Lindsie Chrisley.

It appears as of Will Campbell hacked into the Instagram account of his wife Lindsie Chrisley a few days ago. This wasn’t a malicious hacking. It was a very long and loving post. Will Campbell was doting on his wife.

Will Campbell shares warm and loving snapshot of his wife Lindsie Chrisley.

This sweet and loving Instagram post was shared on Lindsie Chrisley’s profile just five days ago. The photo features Lindsie and William in a warm embrace as they clink wine glasses together. They appear to be enjoying a nice meal.

The duo are sitting very close in the snapshot and Will has his arm wrapped around Lindsie’s waist. His deep dimples are visible in the photo as he gazes at his wife with a very loving smile. With her eyes nearly shut, Lindsie looks back at her husband with just as much love on her face.

Technically, the Instagram post had a second photo attached to it as well. While there isn’t as much love or warmth in it… The second photo is a nice shot of the food spread the duo were enjoying together.

In the caption, Will jokes his wife really loved the food. Why did she love it? Because he had nothing to do with cooking it.

He jokingly spills his wife’s sweet nickname in the lengthy Instagram post.

There is A LOT to reach in the very lengthy Instagram post. To begin with, Will jokes that his wife Lindsie Chrisley “annoys him.” He, however, clarifies that he wouldn’t change one hair on her head.

So, what is this sweet nickname he calls his wife? Well, if you did a quick skim over the long post you might have missed it. It was a piece of information he casually slipped in toward the end of the post.


“I love you bean,” Will Campbell gushes just before revealing a FaceTime and gift card giveaway. He also takes the time to shed a little light on the sweet nickname.

“Did she tell y’all about this nickname?” He added.

Lindsie Chrisley did react to him revealing her nickname on Instagram.

Several of the top comments on this sweet post come from Lindsie Chrisley herself. One included the 30-year-old mother-of-one scolding her husband for revealing her nickname.

“I guess I can comment on my own gram & tell you to stop telling everyone my nickname. That’s private.”

Fans liked Lindsie Chrisley’s reaction to the nickname just shy of 200 times. Furthermore, one even responded to the comment with several laughing while crying emojis.

So, do you think it is cute that Will Campbell calls Lindsie Chrisley “bean”? Sound off down below.

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