What Is Chase Chrisley’s Current Net Worth?

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Underneath that charming charisma and gorgeous smile, some Chrisley Knows Best fans wonder: what type of net worth does Chase Chrisley currently have? At Tv Shows Ace, we did too. So, for those of you who are curious about Chase Chrisley’s current net worth… We did a little digging.

Chase Chrisley has had a lot of negative spotlight.

Recognized for his gorgeous smile and his charm… Chase Chrisley is a popular member of the reality TV show family. He, however, is also one of the more troublesome ones of the family. This is with the exception of his older sister Lindsie Chrisley. As those who follow the family know, she is the black sheep of Chrisleys.

Chase has certainly made a lot of waves over the years. As The List reminds us, he terrorized his father when he revealed a massive bible scripture tattoo on his body. He also struggled with a $16,000 bill from the IRS.

Despite everything… Chase did nab a spin-off series with his other sister Savannah called Growing Up Chrisley. It goes without saying both Chase and his sister Savannah made a pretty penny thanks to their participation on both that show and Chrisley Knows Best. In fact, that is likely where most of Chase Chrisley’s net worth came from.

So, what exactly is Chase Chrisley’s current net worth?

Believe it or not Chase Chrisley is currently worth more than his father. While a lot of people might find Chase Chrisley’s net worth being higher than his father’s to be a little far fetched… Chase does not share the same current financial issues as his father Todd.

Unfortunately, nailing down the exact numbers of Chase Chrisley’s current net worth is a little easier said than done. One of the most reputable sites to determine net worth is called Celebrity Net Worth. While Chase’s information hasn’t been updated since last year… The site estimates he has a net worth of $500,000.

This can be compared to several other sites… That have more recent updates… And, claim the 23-year-old has a net worth of several million dollars.


Regardless of the exact number, Chase Chrisley does have a higher net worth than his father who is currently sitting in negative. Because of Todd Chrisley’s current legal and financial issues, he’s not in the best place when it comes to his net worth.

Are you surprised to learn Chase Chrisley is currently worth more than his father? Sound off down below.

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