‘The Baker And The Beauty’ Promises Romance–What’s It About?

Victor Rasuk, Nathalie Kelley, The Baker & The Beauty-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f39MHbnpQbM

The Baker and The Beauty is finally premiering on ABC on April 13. Starring the original Cristal, Nathalie Kelley, from the rebooted Dynasty, and Victor Rasuk (Stalker), this American version of the hit Israeli show promises to be the biggest hit of the mid-season.

What Is The Baker and The Beauty About?

What happens when a good guy dating the wrong woman says no to her very public marriage proposal? Well, if you are Daniel Garcia (Rasuk), he gets to hang out with Aussie fashion superstar Noa Hamilton (Kelley). She admires his integrity and honesty.

The Baker and The Beauty takes place in swinging Miami, where the dance moves are hot and the beaches are meant for personal confessions. Daniel works for his Cuban family’s bakery and Noa has just come out of a very public relationship. Then, they have a chance encounter and time to get to know each other. Now Daniel is involved with the most famous woman in the world!

Despite her celebrity, Noa is quite deep. Noa digs a little more and finds that Daniel isn’t cold hearted, nor a jerk. Just the opposite! He sees his parents who still burn a torch for each other. But, he is a romantic and in the Instagram preview, confesses to Noa that he wants the same.

According to Auburn Pub, showrunner Dean Georgaris shared that this is not really a fairy tale.  “It’s about a reality we can all relate to — when two people come together, it not only changes their lives, it changes the lives of the people they love.”

So, how are Noa and Daniel going to change lives? The Baker and The Beauty is a dramedy about a couple looking for something real, in a world of artificial photos and fake celebrity news.


Nathalie Kelley Back On Prime Time

Nathalie Kelley is quite excited about her new show. She shared her love of this show on her Instagram. She posted how in the past year, she is working on this new ABC show “one in which love plays a central role.” The Peruvian-born, Aussie actress shared a bit about the storyline. “It tells the story of a very unlikely couple who both come from two different worlds.” But, she points out, “the romance is just a backdrop for an incredible ensemble cast to remind the world that love isn’t dead.”

TV Shows Ace has a lot of Dynasty fans who cannot wait to see Nat in a new series. Many still go to message boards asking for her to return to the CW reboot. But, Kelley has found a new home and loves the Puerto Rican filming location, the cast and the romantic story. Fans should love it too. The Baker and The Beauty promises to fill in the void of Jane The Virgin and bring the rom-com back to television.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace on the latest television news. The Baker and The Beauty premieres on ABC on April 13, at 10 p.m. Eastern, right after The Bachelor.

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