Josh Duggar Is Taking a Leaf Out of His Childhood Book

Josh and Anna Duggar

Looking after six kids is hard work. They say it takes a village just to raise one. That’s okay when it comes to the Duggars, right? There are enough members of the Duggar family to pitch in.

However, the Duggars tend to follow gender roles. The men will be the breadwinners while the women will look after the children and the house. That’s the way it is for the most part when it comes to Josh and Anna, but it turns out the eldest sibling does do some work in the kitchen now and then.

Josh Used to Cook at Home

Anna took to Instagram to share a photo of her six children fishing. With some good weather, the family decided it was time to get outside and fish their own dinner. That led toa comment from a fan, asking whether Josh helps out at all or leaves all the cooking for Anna to do.

It wouldn’t have been all that surprising to hear that Anna was left alone to do the work. This is something that the Duggar family is known for, just like many other families in their religion. It’s all about taking on gender roles, and most of the family doesn’t seem that bothered by it.

However, we also know that the kids used to cook on 19 Kids and Counting. Michelle often shared that the children would take turns cooking dinner, with meals planned out two weeks in advance, as Cheat Sheet reminds us. The children would pick the meals they wanted to help make.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that Josh can cook. However, Anna certainly does the bulk of it, with Josh helping out now and then.

Josh Duggar Isn’t Included Much on Counting On

Fans don’t hear about Josh all that much on the TLC series. The only way anything about him comes up is through Anna on Instagram. Josh was involved in cheating and molestation scandals, which almost led to the complete end of the Duggar empire.

Anna has always stood by her husband. She has always done as expected within the family. This includes giving Josh all her social media and online account passwords. Everything she shares on social media is approved by Josh. In fact, everything she does is approved by him first.

One thing is clear. Josh still follows the rules and beliefs set when he was young, especially when it comes to the women. However, he will help out sometimes.

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