Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar May Control Children With Free Homes

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Instagram

When Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s children leave the nest it is assumed that as married adults with families of their own they can make their own decisions. This, however, does not necessarily mean mama and papa Duggar don’t still want their children to follow their strict rules.

While they have said they support their adult daughters’ decisions to wear pants and less modest skirts… Is that really how they feel? Turns out, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar may have a reward system in place. A system designed to encourage their children to continue to follow their lifestyle as adults.

Josh Duggar lives in a windowless warehouse on the property with his family.

As we’ve previously reported, Josh Duggar calls a windowless warehouse on his parent’s property his home.

Anna and Josh never opened up about where they lived after selling their farmhouse. It, however, was eagle-eyed fans that noticed the warehouse in the background of Anna’s posts on Instagram. This warehouse was the very same featured in an episode of Counting On.

Fans assume Josh lives in the warehouse on the Duggar property as punishment for his scandals. Some assume it is a way for Michelle and Jim Bob to keep tabs on Josh.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth purchased a home from Michelle and Jim Bob for $10.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth spent a large chunk of their marriage living in a trailer. As Cheat Sheet reminds us, the couple are now settling into a home they purchased from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar for next to nothing.

Notably, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth stick pretty close to the Duggar lifestyle and rules. This includes Joy-Anna not wearing pants.

The publication also suspects Joy-Anna not having any contact with her cousin Amy is another reason she got a nearly free home.

Several other Duggar children also live in homes owned by their parents.

Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald live in a home their grandmother Mary owned. The couple did purchase the home for $100,000 in 2017. Fans, however, assumed the couple didn’t pay any rent the first three years they lived there.

Joseph and his wife Kendra also live in a home that grandma Mary previously owned. It is a cabin the couple moved to after getting married in 2017. The cabin is just 600 feet away from Michelle and Jim Bob’s home.


Josiah and his wife Lauren also reportedly live in a Duggar-owned piece of real estate.

What about the Duggars that don’t live in Duggar-owned real estate?

Jill Duggar is a topic of conversation as she’s been shunned and cast out of the family. She doesn’t live in a Duggar-owned home. Instead, she and her husband purchased a home of their own in 2019. Notably, the couple stopped living on Duggar property and had to find a house of their own after they separated from Counting On.

Is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar rewarding children who stay in line with free homes? While there is no concrete evidence, it seems that way.

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