Todd Chrisley & Nanny Faye Bash Cleveland Browns

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Todd Chrisley is a man without a filter. It is a thing Chrisley Knows Best fans love about him. It is also what some people love to hate about him. Either way, fans can always expect Todd Chrisley to say exactly what is on his mind. Typically, it even comes with a little dash of his unique sense of humor.

Todd Chrisley shared a screenshot of a conversation between himself and Nanny Faye.

Todd Chrisley shared a screenshot of a conversation between himself and his mother recently.

Nanny Faye referred to the NFL player as “dumb as h***” because marijuana isn’t a very fruitful business to be in.

Todd quipped back with another reason the NFL player is “dumb as h***.”

“He plays for Cleveland” Todd added.

“Well that explains it all..” Nanny Faye responded.

The conversation was intended to be a crack at the Cleveland Browns. Todd’s joke was that no one smart would want to be a part of that team.

It doesn’t appear as if the joke was well received by his followers.

“Just comment as you see fit …” Todd Chrisley penned in the caption of his Cleveland Browns joke. Based on his caption, it’s safe to assume Chrisley knew he would get a bit of backlash for posting this type of content on Instagram. He, however, has never been one to shy away from backlash or controversy.

Based on the chatter in the comments of the joke, many of his followers didn’t care for the joke. In fact, it looked as thought some of his followers were even offended by it. This, however, is partially because they thought he was attacking Cleveland as a whole. Turns out, they just didn’t understand the joke.

“What?! I’m from Cleveland, I think maybe you should spend some time here before you make assumptions. Have always loved your family and show but am very disappointed by this,” one individual penned in response to the joke.

The comment above has been liked over 141 times with over 200 people leaving a response.

Even Todd Chrisley himself responded to the comment to clarify the joke was intended to be about the NFL team and not Cleveland itself.

Based on the response to the comment above, no one seemed to share in the OP’s perspective. In fact, many started to criticize the individual as being “sensitive” and “overreacting.”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad,” one individual exclaimed.

Several added they were also from Ohio. They, however, didn’t take digs at the Cleveland Browns personally.

Todd Chrisley Instagram

Todd did have some followers who were here for the humor.

While the first few comments at the top of the Instagram post were not supportive… Todd Chrisley had plenty of followers come to his defense in response. Even some fans of the NFL team found humor in the post.

“Hey Nanny, I’m a DIE HARD Brown’s fan……….lol it’s ok though,” one individual jested.

Another added: “I love you both. This post has made my evening. 😂”

What do you think about Todd Chrisley and Nanny Faye’s sense of humor? Sound off in the comments down below.


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