Duggar Fans Find Jessa & Ben Seewald’s Date Night Relatable

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Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald recently enjoyed an atypical date night together. Duggar fans, however, quickly became obsessed. They found the Counting On couple’s date night to be super relatable.

Jessa and Ben Seewald enjoy a date night at the grocery store.

According to the caption of Jessa Seewald’s most recent Instagram post… Physical grocery shopping isn’t something that she makes a habit of doing. Let’s face it, commuting to a store and walking up and down the aisles only to stand in line or to use a self-check out isn’t appealing. Especially not when technology has made it possible for people to grocery shop from the comfort of their own home.

With three children in tow, the thought of traveling to the grocery store to feed her family of five likely isn’t appealing to Jessa. So, it makes sense that she’d opt for grocery delivery whenever possible.

It, however, doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy getting to walk around a store with her husband Ben. In fact, the lovebirds appeared to make a recent date night out of it.

“Let’s be real— I live off grocery pickup most of the time. But grocery shopping is never more enjoyable than when we do it together,” Jessa Seewald penned in the caption of her Instagram post.

It was just four hours ago that Jessa took to Instagram to share the sweet snap of herself and Ben enjoying some time together at the grocery store. Jessa’s post, however, didn’t immediately give away where they were shopping. At least, not to those who didn’t recognize the appearance of the store in the background.

Ben cleared up what store the duo were enjoying their night together at.

Ben Seewald’s photo of their date night gave a clearer picture of where the duo were. According to the grocery bags they were holding… The duo spent some time together at Whole Foods Market. The photo featured both Jessa and Ben holding a bag. Jessa flashed a huge smile for the camera while Ben had a goofy expression on his face.


As we previously reported, one of the many things Duggar fans discussed about the photos of the date night was Ben’s appearance. Fans rejoiced as Ben finally shaved off what many claimed was “ridiculous looking facial hair.”

Duggar fans found the choice in venue for the evening to be relatable.

Ben and Jessa Seewald declaring they went grocery shopping for date night might seem a little odd. It, however, was well-received by their Instagram followers. Many were quick to gush about how relatable the date night was.

In fact, here are what some fans had to say about Ben and Jessa’s grocery store date night:

  • “Parent life. When going to the grocery store is a date 🙌🏻😍”
  • “If you have someone who can make you enjoy grocery shopping then that’s a WIN!😍”
  • That’s true love making a date out of grocery shopping”
  • “You know you’re in the throes of parenthood when going to the grocery store (or Target, my personal favorite) becomes a favored date night activity 😂”

For the most part, everyone seemed to agree grocery shopping without children was a typical date night for parents. Some also added that being able to turn grocery shopping into a fun date night meant Jessa and Ben really loved each other.

What do you think about Ben and Jessa Seewald’s date night?

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