Jeremy Vuolo Says He Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ Jinger & Felicity

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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are a fan favorite in the Duggar world. Fans consider Jinger to be rebellious and a trendsetter. Jinger and her husband Jeremy were the first to leave Arkansas to embrace the “big city life.” Today, Jinger lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their daughter Felicity.

As we’ve reported multiple times, whether Jinger enjoys the city life is a hot topic among fans. Fans like to discuss if she’s happy in her marriage as well. But, what about Jeremy Vuolo? Moving to Los Angeles was a huge step for him as well. How is he doing?

Jeremy Vuolo is all smiles, adores his wife and daughter

Jeremy Vuolo is fairly active on social media. A quick scroll through his Instagram page reveals a happy husband and father. He is all smiles in most of his snaps.

It’s been a few days now since Valentine’s Day of 2020. But, let’s take a look at Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram post from that day anyway. Why? Well, mostly because his caption from his Valentine’s Day post is very telling. It reveals just how much he cherishes and adores his wife Jinger and his daughter Felicity.

More specifically, many took notice of Jeremy declaring he “didn’t deserve” his beautiful wife and daughter.

“Happy Valentines Day to these beautiful ladies. I don’t deserve them.” The loving father and husband penned in his Instagram post.

Duggar fans have no reason to think the caption was meant in any negative, sad, or self loathing manner. In fact, it just appears as if during a day that is all about love… Jeremy Vuolo became overwhelmed with how much he adored his little family.

His social media followers seemed to disagree with his declaration.

Jeremy Vuolo’s followers were certainly here for the adorable V-day post. They thought the family looked liked they were glowing. Followers certainly had a lot of nice things to say about the snap.

His followers, however, were NOT here for his declaration. In fact, they were quick to correct him.

“No Jeremy. You guys deserve eachother and Felicity is lucky to have you as parents! ❤️” One follower penned in a comment that has been liked nearly 50 times.

A second added: “Excuse me Sir, you deserve all the joy, you are a lovely man of God, and a selfless human! Beautiful family !”

“Sure you deserve them you are a wonderful dad and husband. god would not had put her in your life if he felt you did not deserve her and that beautiful girl. Enjoy your beautiful family. Love you all my favorites.🥰😍” A third follower agreed.

A fourth added: “Yes, you do deserve them. Don’t knock yourself down. You two are such inspiration to so many. ❤️”

Each of the comments correcting Jeremy’s caption received a wealth of supportive likes as many others seemed to agree.

What do you think about Jeremy Vuolo declaring he did not “deserve” his wife or child? Sound off in the comments down below.

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