Duggar Fans Gush Over Ben Seewald’s Fresh, Clean Shave

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Jessa Duggar’s husband Ben Seewald has been looking a little scruffy as of late.

Just two weeks ago, Jessa shared a fun video clip of herself and her husband. They looked to be enjoying a fun family game night with their children. In the video, Ben rocked scruffy looking facial hair. It, however, appears as if Ben has decided to ditch the scruff.

Both Jessa and Ben Seewald took to Instagram to share a snap featuring a clean shave.

Jessa and her husband Been Seewald recently enjoyed a trip to the store together.

According to Ben’s Instagram post, the duo looked to be shopping at Whole Foods Market. Ben’s post featured the couple each holding a grocery paper bag labeled “Whole Foods Market” on the front of it.

Based on the signage in the background, Jessa’s photo looked to have been taken in the same spot in the store. The lovebirds stood close with their bodies pointing toward each other. They flashed huge smiles for the camera. Ben and Jessa looked to be having a wonderful time shopping together.

Duggar fans quickly took notice of Ben’s clean shave.

Out of all the topics discussed in the comment sections of these two fun photos, one seemed to dominate the chatter. The one thing Duggar fans really wanted to chat about was Ben Seewald’s fresh look. More specifically, his lack of facial hair.

Ben recently decided to ditch the scruffy facial hair. (Or… Perhaps Jessa got tired of it?) Either way, the clean shave had Ben Seewald looking fresh. It didn’t take long for Duggar fans to notice.


Here’s some of what Duggar fans had to say about Ben Seewald’s new look:

  • Love him clean shaved”
  • “He looks so young with the clean shave!”
  • Ben looks so good without all the facial hair!”
  • Wow Ben looks we wonderful without the ole man beard. Jess you rockin it girl 😉👏”
  • “Thank God he ditched the beard lol😂”

Nearly all Duggar fans seemed to share a single opinion about the clean shave

Notably, there was not a single comment who criticized Ben Seewald for shaving off his facial hair. No one discussed missing it. No one claimed to want it back. Everyone commenting on both his and Jessa’s Instagram snaps cheered. They seemed relieved Ben Seewald was no longer scruffy.


They noted that Ben looks both younger and more attractive with a clean shave. Unfortunately for Ben, it does not appear as if Duggar fans dig him with facial hair.

What do you think about Ben Seewald’s fresh, clean shaven look?

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