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Have you wondered what the nursery of Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s daughter Bella looked like? You aren’t alone. Turns out, a lot of Duggar fans wanted the grand tour. Fortunately, Lauren Duggar was happy to give her followers what they craved. In fact, she took to her Instagram Stories just a few hours to give an extremely detailed tour of Bella’s nursery.

Lauren Duggar explained the delay in the tour of Bella’s nursery.

According to the first clip on her Instagram Stories introducing the tour… Lauren Duggar knew fans of Counting On wanted to see what Bella’s nursery looked like. Between the holidays and a recent family vacation, she hadn’t had time to give a grand tour of the nursery. She, however, revealed she finally had time to give her followers what they’d been asking for.

Lauren Duggar kicked off the tour of Bella’s nursery by doing a panoramic scan of the room. She began to go into detail about the different components of the room. During the tour, Lauren Duggar discussed her favorite parts of Bella’s nursery.

Lauren Duggar Instagram Lauren Duggar Instagram

As seen in the screenshots of her Instagram Stories attached to this article… The wall behind Bella’s crib is decked out in a triangle pattern. Lauren explained to those watching the tour that the triangles were just stickers for the wall. Because they were renting… Painting Bella’s nursery walls was not an option. So, they improvised with stickers.

The bookshelves were one of the proud mother’s favorite aspects of the room.

After doing a sweep of the room, Lauren spent some time focusing on the three large bookshelves on the wall. They were packed with books. Lauren explained she loved this aspect of the room so much. Why did she love it? Well, it was because Bella’s father Josiah constructed the bookshelves and installed them himself.

Lauren Duggar Instagram Lauren Duggar Instagram

Toward the end of the detailed nursery tour, Lauren noted that she had many followers asking questions about various pieces of the furniture. Lauren Duggar said she was happy to provide links to anything in the nursery people had questions about.

Her Instagram Stories proceeded to feature several slides of her answering questions about where to get various pieces of the nursery.

While the tour of Bella’s nursery concluded, Lauren left a question box for people to ask questions about the nursery. This resulted in Lauren Duggar sharing where to purchase just about every piece of Bella’s nursery.

A very large portion of the nursery was purchased from Amazon. She also got several pieces during a 50 percent off sale at Hobby Lobby.

Lauren Duggar Instagram Lauren Duggar Instagram

While sharing where to buy the various pieces of Bella’s nursery, Lauren Duggar also revealed Bella’s crib was not new. Jill Duggar Dillard donated the crib to them.

Unfortunately, Lauren Duggar noted she wasn’t sure where to get the light fixture on the ceiling. She explained she purchased it from Lowe’s. But, she couldn’t find the listing. So, she assumed it had been discontinued.

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