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Do Josh & Anna Duggar Live In A Windowless Warehouse?

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Could Josh and Anna Duggar really live in a windowless warehouse with their children?

Counting On fans have questioned for a while where Josh and Anna Duggar currently reside. So, we’ve done a little digging. And, here’s what we’ve been able to turn up.

Most adult Duggar children haven’t ventured that far from home.

While it is true many of the Duggar children have grown. They’ve moved off the compound. They’ve gotten married. And, they’ve started families of their own. Notably, however, only one of the Duggar children left the state of Arkansas. In fact, several adult Duggar children still reside on the property owned by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Josh and Anna Duggar’s real estate history

As Radar Online reminds us, Josh and Anna purchased a foreclosure back in 2016. They paid just $55,000 for the home. This massive home contained five bedrooms. It was perfect for their growing children. Chances are Anna could have had a few more children before the home became too small. Last year, however, Josh and Anna Duggar sold the home.

The process of selling the home took a few months. Eventually, however, Anna and Josh sold their home for $285,000. This was only $15,000 below what they originally listed the home for. Still, they made a pretty large profit even after some renovating.

When news Anna and Josh Duggar sold the home broke, rumors ran wild. Many speculated things were not well in the marriage. Were Josh and Anna getting a divorce? To everyone’s surprise, it didn’t happen. Instead, they got pregnant and welcomed their sixth child into the world.

Where do Josh and Anna Duggar currently reside?

All of this information in mind bodes one simple question… Where do Josh and Anna Duggar currently live?

Do they live in a Duggar guesthouse? Do they call a windowless warehouse on Duggar property their home? Fans have had many theories.

Following the sale of their own, Anna and Josh didn’t make any more moves in the real estate world. Instead, they opted to move back onto the property of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Notably, the Duggars own tons of acres of land. So, there is certainly enough room to build more housing for the family.

With all of this information in mind, however, fans can’t help but wonder where exactly Anna and Josh Duggar reside on the property.

Does Josh remain close so his parents can monitor him?

One of the more interesting theories from fans is that Josh Duggar remains close to his parents for monitoring. As we reported previously, Josh Duggar was barred from social media by his parents. This followed his scandals from 2015.

Some have speculated Josh and Anna Duggar may live close to Jim Bob and Michelle so they can keep tabs on him.

So, where do the couple and their children live on the Duggar property?

We’ve concluded Josh and Anna Duggar live somewhere on the Duggar property with their six children. For many Counting On fans, however, this isn’t enough information. Many want to know what kind of roof they have over their head. Where do they live exactly?

According to some investigation by Reddit users, it appears as if they call a windowless warehouse on the property their home.

As Duggar fans might recall, Abbie Burnett utilized the warehouse as a space to try on wedding gowns. Fans have also noticed many of the same fixtures from the bridal event in some of Anna’s pictures on social media.

If the Duggars have both of these guest houses, why did Bin live in a room on top of the garage? from DuggarsSnark

Notably, Anna Duggar has also posted a lot of pictures from inside the main Duggar home. So, this certainly suggests they live close by.

Technically, the Duggar compound is home to three different guest houses. The first is reserved for actual guests. The second is where Grandma Mary resided prior to passing away. The third guest house is occupied by Kendra and Joseph Duggar along with their children.

So, the windowless warehouse theory may just be more fact than fiction.

What do you think about Anna and Josh Duggar living in a windowless warehouse?


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