Chrishell Stause Shares Heartbreaking News Two Months After Justin Hartley Shocked Her With Divorce Papers

Chrishell Stause moving on from Justin Hartley-

Chrishell Stause seems to be tested. The soon-to-be ex-wife of This Is Us star Justin Hartley went to social media to share the heartbreaking news that her mother is dying of cancer and does not have long to live. This is just two months after Hartley blindsided the Selling Sunset star with divorce papers. What do we know?

Chrishell Stause’s Mom Dying Of Cancer

Chrishell Stause had a difficult 2019. In April, her beloved father died of lung cancer on Easter. Then, right before Thanksgiving, her husband of two years, This Is Us star Justin Hartley served her with divorce papers. The former Days star picked herself up, took her little dog and moved, all with her signature smile on her face.
Based on social media, it looked like Chrishell was moving on with her life. She celebrated New Year’s Eve with her gal pals, went on a beach vacation and then, on World Cancer Day, she posted a heartbreaking message on her Instagram. Her mother has very little time left. She was diagnosed with the exact same lung cancer that Chrishell’s father died of.

“I just found out today is #worldcancerday eerily on the same day I found out my mom has 1 to 2 months to live from the same lung cancer that took my dad on Easter. I can’t make sense of what life is teaching me yet, but my heart is with every person fighting this horrible disease and every person that it robbed a loved one from.

It is unimaginable that Chrishell has to lose both parents to the same cancer in about 12 months time. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

Justin Hartley Blindsided Her With Divorce Papers

In the midst of this personal heartbreak, Chrishell still has to deal with her divorce. Instead of talking about babies and starting a family, as her friends say Chrishell wanted at this time of her life, she is instead waiting for her divorce from Justin Hartley to be finalized. But, there may be some complications.

In November, TV Shows Ace reported that Hartley filed for divorce. But, what was curious was that his papers listed the date of separation was July 8, 2019. Social media didn’t exactly back that up. The couple had walked the Emmys red carpet and attended some high profile events, side by side. There was zero indication that there were issues. Yet, there was no social media acknowledgement of their October wedding anniversary. Were there problems that they could not resolve?

So, when Chrishell filed her own divorce papers in December 2019, TV Shows Ace noted that in her filing, the date of separation was November 22, 2019. That was the date that Hartley blindsided her with divorce papers.

Right now, there has been no news on the divorce. Meanwhile we can assume that Chrishell Stause will spend time with her dying mother and perhaps make sense of the events of the past year. If that is even possible.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest news on Chrishell Stause, This Is Us and other television news.

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