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Fans Are OVER Jinger Vuolo’s Staged Instagram Videos & Pictures

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Are Jinger Vuolo’s pictures and videos on Instagram sweet, candid family moments? Or, are they staged?

There is nothing like capturing a sweet family moment on camera.

As anyone with a child will agree, there is nothing like capturing a sweet family moment with your camera. With most people’s cellphones so readily available, it is easy to snap a picture or a video when your child is doing something cute. Jinger Vuolo, for example, takes to Instagram frequently to share cute photos of her daughter Felicity. Sometimes her photos even include her husband Jeremy.

The question some Counting On fans have regarding these tender moments, however, is pretty simple. Is she really capturing sweet things in the moment? Or, are these photos and videos staged just for the purpose of posting on Instagram?

Turns out, many believe Jinger Vuolo’s Instagram content is staged.

Just recently we reported about a sweet video of Felicity that Jinger shared on Instagram. The video featured Felicity taking the lead during their afternoon walk. In the caption, Jinger gushed about the mixed emotions a mother feels watching her child grow. Turns out, some fans didn’t care for the video because of how staged it felt. After all, who would really let a child that small run ahead of all the adults?

A few days ago, some Duggar followers took to the Duggar Snark subreddit to discredit the video completely. Some even expressed fear for Felicity. As they worried she was at risk of darting out into the traffic while walking ahead of the adults by herself.

“Did they stage this with someone telling all the people when to walk through the frame looking blissfully unaware of the camera? Or did someone sprint in front of them and get down on the pavement with enough time to capture them looking blissfully unaware?” One individual penned in regards to the video being obviously staged.

Another individual jestingly chimed in: “She was probably running away from the prospect of having yet another photo taken of her.”

“Did anyone else have a small moment of panic and wonder what’s just out of frame? Like, is the child about to toddle into the street while all the adults pose-stroll casually behind her?” A third added.

Counting On fans are over the staged content Jinger shares.

According to Cheat SheetCounting On fans aren’t feeling the excessive and obvious amount of staged content Jinger posts on Instagram.

The publication reveals that some believe the staged content is more than just her snaps of Felicity. They question if Jinger Vuolo is even really happy living in L.A. Are the photos of her enjoying her time in the city staged as well?

“I’m sure internally she’s struggling a lot. Being deprogrammed from a cult is a long and painful process,” one Reddit user suggested.

While Counting On fans love updates about the Duggar family, they seem to be over the fake, staged media.

Do you think Jinger Vuolo’s content is staged?

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