‘Gold Rush’: Discovery Allegedly Not Paying Rick’s Team Due To Political Disagreements

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There is a new rumor with some Gold Rush stars, and this time, it’s about members of the Rick Ness crew. Sounds like some members of Team Rally will not be returning because Discovery has not paid them. What is the rumor and what has been said?

Discovery Rumored To Be Withholding Pay Due To Political Differences

Although Gold Rush Season 10 is currently still airing, the crews are all still relaxing before the next season. But, Gold Rush Season 11 will be missing a few members of Team Rally. Several members of the Rick Ness team allegedly have not been paid by Discovery.

According to a recently released Gold Rush News video, some members of Rick’s team are rumored to have not been paid by Discovery for Season 10. The report shares that Rick Ness has been “doing everything in his power” to rectify this situation. He has been making “countless” phone calls and “endless” emails.

What could be at the basis of of the lack of a payment? The rumor claims it was politics.

Rumor Blames Discovery’s ‘European Millennials’ For Not Paying Gold Rush Stars

The rumor continues, as it was said that Discovery’s “European Millennials” had political differences with the “politically incorrect” Cheeseheads. The Wisconsinites and the foreigner Discovery millennials allegedly got into it, leaving “negative tension and energy” during the filming of the tenth season. Now, unidentified team members don’t plan on returning.

We do know Brian Z. is now a papa and does not plan on returning to gold mining next season.

At the end of the video, the Gold Rush News show pointed out that this, except for Brian Z.’s happy news, is a rumor. They also said that it has not been confirmed by the cast or crews. They did not share where they received the rumor about the Discovery crew battling it out against the Ness crew, nor the payment issue.


Gold Rush Fans Wonder If Bad Season At Root Of Conflict

In the comments section, a few Gold Rush fans have questioned whether the real conflict is the dismal season Team Rally is having. They believe that the Ness crew has not made money gold mining and they don’t want to come back to work for nothing.

Many comments on the rumor video have compared Rick Ness to Todd Hoffman, although TV Shows Ace has reported that Ness has said otherwise. Many have remembered that when Rick left Parker’s crew, Schnabel told him that no one makes money the first season. Some Gold Rush fans also wonder why Rick isn’t working some of Tony’s vast lands? While Beets may charge a lot more to mine on his property, he sure knows how to pick land that produces a lot of gold!

TV Shows Ace has attempted to reach Discovery through email, and Rick Ness through social media regarding this situation. We will report if any new information should come forth.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Gold Rush news.

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