Leslie Jones Calls ‘Below Deck’ Star Ashton Pienaar ‘Misogynistic,’ Fans Ask Comedian To Host Reunion Show

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Leslie Jones is a Below Deck superfan. She’s been watching every episode on Season 7. She even shared some of her thoughts on the explosive season on social media. Now, she’s coming for bosun Ashton Pienaar once again.

The comedian never holds back. She’s going to keep it real, no matter what. Now, that she’s caught up with every episode of Below Deck Season 7, she has some choice words for every man on the Valor. Fans have been loving her brutally honest and hilarious commentary during each episode.

Comedian calls Below Deck’s Ashton “misogynistic”

During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, Jan. 22, she talked about Pienaar’s explosive behavior. As E! News reported, Jones said she didn’t like what she saw. She noticed the way that the male crew members act towards the female staff.

In her interview with Fallon, she discussed Pienaar’s onscreen behavior with Rhylee Gerber, the deckhand he tried to fire.

“That man is a walking misogynistic biscuit,” she said. The Ghostbusters star also called him “not a good boss” and said his behavior at work is “the most false professionalism that lives.” She’s very aware of the comments that he’s made about each of the women on this season.

Ashton Pienaar isn’t the only person on Leslie Jones’ list

Fans already knew that she was going to come for Pienaar. Jones revealed that she’s also disappointed with fellow deckhands Brian de Saint Pern and Tanner Sterback. She also doesn’t hold back when it come to her feelings about chef Kevin Dobson. But, it was the way that Pienaar treated Gerber that made her speak out.

While she has slammed Pienaar on Twitter, she was serious when she saw the infamous van scene. Jones was disgusted and concerned over Pienaar’s drunken behavior. As Showbiz CheatSheet reported, she wondered why Dobson and Sterback didn’t intervene. She also feels that Pienaar should get help for his drinking and rage issues.

Ashton addresses accusations that he’s “misogynistic”

The bosun hasn’t been taking the backlash too well. As TV Shows Ace reported, Pienaar has been on apology tour that hasn’t been winning fans over. Though he claims he’s sorry, he’s still defends his actions on the show. During his appearance on the Below Deck After Show, he revealed that he’s tired of hearing the word “misogynistic.” He thinks the word has gotten “thrown around” too much.

Dobson added that “the scales are never going to be balanced” when it comes to men and women working together. The men immediately regretted their comments and asked producers to remove the footage of that conversation to avoid further backlash. Producers refused.

‘Below Deck’ fans want Leslie Jones to host the reunion

Fans didn’t like how easy Andy Cohen was on Pienaar when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Now they’re calling for Jones to host the reunion instead, as reported by Showbiz CheatSheet. Fans believe that she would hold Pienaar and the rest of the men accountable for their action. Plus, her takes on the show are hilarious. It’s a win-win.

Do you agree that Leslie Jones should host the Below Deck reunion? Do you agree that Ashton Pienaar is misogynistic? Sound off below in the comments section.

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