‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Was A Child Actor

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Peter Weber, star of The Bachelor, isn’t just a pilot. Turns out he was also a child actor long before he ever came across the dating world.

‘The Bachelor’ was a child actor

Peter Weber has had quite the past, and not just with girls and flights. Turns out he was a child actor in commercials. According to Yahoo!, Peter was in a commercial for the Sylvan learning program. In the commercial, a young Peter can be seen saying:

“School was tough, then Sylvan helped me read better.”

Does that ring a bell or what? Who knew Peter would grow up to be a heart-throb icon on a hit reality TV show.

The story gets better though when fans started creating memes for this season that revolve around…you guessed it, Sylvan. There has been a lot of jokes about how some of Peter’s girls aren’t the smartest and how the next date will have to be a trip to Sylvan. Honestly, this is probably the most chatter Sylvan has created in the last 15 years.

Peter himself even talked about the commercial a little bit. Turns out, he liked being part of it.

“Oh man,” he said. “My voice. Thank God I don’t sound like that.”

Peter continued saying that he really enjoyed filming for the commercial.

“Yeah, it was actually a lot of fun,” he revealed. “I really enjoyed that”


Peter isn’t the only one

Peter isn’t the only one with a past in entertainment. One of his front-runners, Hannah Ann, is also pretty used to the cameras. she is not only a model but has been in plenty of commercials. This includes an iconic Sonic commercial many fans have reported seeing before. She was also in a commercial for Downy and on the cover of several popular magazines.

Could this make them a match made in paradise? Only time will tell. There still isn’t a confirmed winner for the season so it could definitely be Hannah…or Maddison…or Hannah B. Honestly, we will all just have to watch to find out who ends up winning his heart.

Apparently, the end of this season will be one of the most shocking yet. It seems like they say this every season, but Chris Harrison has yet to be wrong. Who knows how this will outdo Colton Underwood’s fence jump.

Do you remember seeing Peter pre-Bachelor? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to watch new episodes every Monday night on ABC. And, come back to TV Shows Ace for news on all of your favorite reality TV stars.

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