‘1,000-Lb. Sisters’ Doctor Tells 605-Lb. Woman ‘Her Health Is Her Responsibility’

Tammy Slaton, YouTube

Tammy Slaton hopes to lose enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery. But her surgeon is getting more concerned with her lack of initiative. He worries she’s “getting more and more dependent on other people” for basic tasks.

The Doctor Worries Tammy Slaton Will Become Immobile

Slaton is one of the two title siblings on TLC’s 1,000-Lb. SistersShe goes to her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Charles Procter, where they discuss what’s keeping her from her weight loss goals. Tammy lives with her sister Amy and her husband because she needs help with everyday tasks. Procter asks if Amy supports her in her weight loss journey.

In an exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode Tammy, 32, answers Dr. Procter. “To a point, yeah. I just feel like she needs to be more…helpful?”

Procter was taken back by her response. He asks how Amy, 31, could help more, considering she already does all of the cooking and shopping.

Tammy Slaton responds by explaining how Amy seems to get frustrated when Tammy asks her to get her something.

Procter defended Amy in a way. He tells Tammy that she needs to be doing more things on her own, rather than relying on her sister.

He explains to her that he often sees this happen with people who are in her size range. Once one gets to that size, they get more and more dependent on the people around them. From there they become bedridden and are depending on other people for pretty much everything.

He continues, telling her he wants to see her do these things on her own. He told her, if she needs something, she needs to get up and get it herself. It will be painful and sometimes it will feel like it’s not worth it, but it’s for her own good.

Slaton Sisters, YouTube

Tammy And Amy Are On A Journey To A Healthier Life

Tammy Slaton weighs 605 lbs. and uses a walker to move around. She countered the doctor’s statement and tells him it’s hard to carry and open drinks when she uses her walker. But Procter insists that her health is her responsibility and she needs to understand that.

“I shouldn’t have to remind you. This is life or death, what I talked about last time, that wasn’t just to scare you. I hope it did, but it’s true. I don’t see you living much longer unless we do something about this,” Procter tells her.

Tammy and Amy, who weighs 406 lbs. have been trying to lose weight since middle school, but nothing worked, according to People

Now, their goal is to lose weight and show they can have healthy habits to qualify for weight loss surgery. They’ve begun a low-carb, high protein diet along with working out. Tammy enjoys swimming and Amy likes to dance or go on walks with her husband.

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