Hannah Brown Violated & Confused After Someone Breaks Into Her Car

Hannah Brown Instagram Stories

Bachelorette star Hannah Brown took to her Instagram Stories yesterday afternoon to reveal she was on the verge of a mental breakdown. According to the Dancing with the Stars winner it “just hasn’t been her week.”

Someone smashed Hannah Brown’s window and stole things from her vehicle.

During her Instagram Stories, Hannah Brown admitted that she couldn’t be certain what all was taken from her vehicle. She noted that she was only inside of the store for ten minutes. It, however, was plenty of time for someone to smash her window and steal things from inside.

Brown did reveal that she had left her purse inside of the vehicle. It was among the many things stolen.

In addition to her purse, her keys medication, sunglasses, cash, air pods, charger, and some paperwork were among the things snatched from her vehicle.

In the caption of a clip showing her shattered window, Hannah Brown explained a little of why she had so many things in her vehicle.

“I’m like a bag lady, and I take my life with me everywhere-honestly there is no telling what was in there. so this really sucks.” She exclaimed.

Hanna Brown also admitted that she wasn’t really sure what to do or how to handle the situation. She explained that she hadn’t been “adulting” for long enough to know how to handle this.

Will insurance assist in covering any of the things she lost?

Unfortunately, without knowing more about Hannah Brown’s insurance policy there is no way of answering this question for sure. That being said, if the reality TV personality has both car insurance and homeowner’s insurance, chances are pretty good her property inside of the vehicle would get replaced.

According to Effective Coverage, both renter’s and homeowners’ insurance can even cover theft of your property from out of your vehicle. The homeowner and rental insurance, however, wouldn’t do anything for the vehicle itself or any damage to the vehicle.

So, as long as she has nice solid insurance policies she shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Hannah Brown Instagram
[Hannah Brown’s Instagram Stories]
Typically, some auto insurance policies will not cover theft if the vehicle was left unlocked. However, because Hannah Brown’s window was broken into, it is safe to assume the car was locked.

Most insurance providers highly recommend not leaving your purse in your vehicle or within view of any window. This makes you a prime target for burglars looking for something worth stealing.

Did the thieves known Hannah Brown was the owner of the vehicle?

Unfortunately, this is another question without a clear answer. Hannah claims she had only stepped away from her vehicle for ten minutes to go inside of the store. So, the individuals were either watching her go inside or they just got lucky with the timing of coming across her vehicle when she wasn’t there.

There was no mention of Hannah Brown’s cell phone being among the things stolen from her vehicle. So, it is possible she had it on her person at the time of the incident. Furthermore, this would make sense because she shot video and took photos after it happened.


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