‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10 Select Couples: There’s Already a Bride in Big Conflict

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After the huge Married at First Sight ratings success of Season 9 and marital success for two of its four couples, the arranged marriage reality show decided to go bigger and better for Season 10, which premiered January 1 on Lifetime.  This time, five couples from the nation’s capital are taking the courageous leap to find forever love, and some are not so seasoned in romance or commitment.  One young bride found herself struggling to decide between an ex-beau or building love with a stranger in the season premiere.

A super-quick ‘Married at First Sight’ sticky situation

The relationship experts on Married at First Sight came to unanimous decisions fairly quickly on four of the chosen couples for the Washington DC run on the reality series.  Meka and Michael were the first pair matched, and all three experts feel that the go-getter girl and the sensitive and driven special needs programming director have all the potential to be a “power couple.” Michael will be the only member of his family ever to be married.  His youthful years were marked by loss and determination to overcome difficulties.  Meka is determined to be a CEO in her profession and her life-path. She was a primary caretaker for her three siblings growing up and is ready to be treated like a queen.

The experts also felt that Brandon and Taylor could bring out the best in each other, both being industrious and gregarious.  Dr. Pepper Schwartz said that as long as Brandon didn’t “over-think” his bride’s very accomplished and analytic career as a research scientist, and as long as she valued his enterprising qualities, the pair should have smooth sailing.   Taylor considers nerds as “undatable” and Brandon certainly doesn’t fall in that category.

Emotion and compassion were figured in to the formula for pairing Jessica and Austin as a potential Married at First Sight success story.  Austin leans very heavily on his mother’s opinions of partners and companions and Jessica has lots of contact with her twin sister.  Still, both have their own kind of old-fashioned family values, and seem committed to making marriage work.

Zach and Mindy are both from broken homes, and Mindy has been through some traumatic losses in her family.  Nonetheless, she has a bright and spirited view on life, and if Zach can take his eyes off himself, his hair, and his fitness-trainer physique long enough to listen, this pairing could make it.

The experts had their biggest debate over Married at First Sight’s youngest couple for Season 10, Katie and Derek, both 25, yet both yearning to find love.  As it turns out, Katie has a huge decision to make, even before her vows to the husband she’s never met.  Should she believe that her ex-boyfriend really loves her, or stake her belief in the marriage experiment?

All about the youngest love on Season 10

Derek is a cybersecurity professional, with an open heart and rather an innocent outlook on love.  He hopes that his Married at First Sight choice for love will be “my first and my last.” He hasn’t seriously dated in over two years.  Katie has already overcome challenges in life.  She has type I diabetes, and has coped with her condition since age “10 or 11.” She is a child therapist, finishing up her Master’s degree, with her career building.  Katie wants to have children sooner rather than later, considering the complications of her diabetes with pregnancy and childbearing.

One of the sweetest aspects in the premiere episode of Season 10 was seeing the brides and grooms choose their attire.  Katie cried the heartfelt tears, along with her family, when she found “the dress.”  The reaction could have been straight from “Say Yes to the Dress.”  Derek was doing his best to be as dashing as James Bond, and he wasn’t alone among the grooms.  Brandon noted that he had dated women of every ethnic background and stressed that “I’d marry a purple woman,” so long as the connection was right.

The same day that Katie got the good news that she had been matched, she was contacted by an ex, whom she had “casually dated” before the experiment.   He was never willing to commit, so Katie moved on with Married at First Sight.  She was so torn on her wedding day that she could not enjoy the day that most brides dream of all their lives “with my girls.” Katie revealed during the bachelorette party that the former guy was now declaring that he loved her, and not to go through with her commitment on the reality show.

It seems it would be proper practice to immediately inform the experts on this dilemma, and let them guide Katie and her groom in what to do.  Fans can only wait until next week to see if Katie and Derek do exchange vows.  She showed that she definitely has some moves for the bedroom at her bachelorette party practice.  Before the fun, though, a serious decision has to be made.

Next Wednesday is the time for wedding vows and more.  Married at First Sight airs Wednesday on Lifetime.


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