‘Young And Pregnant’ Star Rachel Beaver Criticized After Cockroach Crawls Out Of Daughter’s Wrapped Christmas Present

Rachel Beaver Instagram

Unfortunately, MTV’s Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver is catching heat from fans on social media. The reality TV teenager took to her Instagram Stories to share a video of Christmas morning. Technically, the video featured herself and her daughter Hazelee Rae opening Christmas presents together.

The adorable video was overshadowed by what crawled out of the presents.

As Rachel Beaver noted on multiple social media platforms, this was Hazelee Rae’s first Christmas. Unfortunately, the sweet video clips were overshadowed. Young and Pregnant fans had a hard time appreciating the treasured moment? Why? Well, it was because of what crawled out of the Christmas presents.

In Young and PregnantTeen Mom, and Unexpected Facebook fan groups, people quickly called attention to the cockroach that crawled out of the wrapped present and under the baby.

Rachel Beaver
[Rachel Beaver’s Instagram Stories]
Unfortunately, being an Instagram Stories video, it is no longer live or visible on Instagram. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that once something is posted on the internet it can’t be removed completely. Young and Pregnant fans saw the video. Some took screenshots. A few even screen recorded the video and shared it in various Facebook fan groups.

Moreover, the young mom is also being blasted on her Facebook profile regarding the cockroach crawling out of the presents.

Young and Pregnant fans take to social media to react to the cockroach infested present.

While there doesn’t appear to be too much chatter regarding the cockroach presents on Instagram, fans tore into the young mom on Facebook.

Rachel Beaver Facebook
[Rachel Beaver’s Facebook]
According to some fans, the nature of the Christmas present only made things worse. The gift contained a box of a Parent’s Choice cookie snack for her daughter. So, fans question if the cockroach was in the cookies as well.

Did Rachel dispose of the cockroach-infested cookie gift? Or, did she allow her daughter to eat them anyway?

Fans question how the production team deals with it.

Noticeably, some fans took issue with MTV’s production team as well. Fans questioned how the production team handled filming inside of Rachel’s home. Did her home contain cockroaches as well? These same fans questioned why the production team didn’t step in and do something for the sake of Rachel Beaver’s daughter Hazelee Rae.

Are they filming in a dirty home?


Presently, it does not appear as if Rachel Beaver has responded to any of the chatter regarding the cockroach.

So, did you happen to watch the Instagram video of the cockroach crawling out of Hazelee’s Christmas present? Sound off in the comments down below.

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