Michelle Duggar Struggles To Remember Which Adult Children Are Pregnant

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Turns out Michelle Duggar struggles with keeping her 19 children straight. And, she has a hard time remembering who is pregnant.

Fans have always feared for her bond with her children.

One of many things 19 And Counting and Counting On fans have worried about is the bond between Michelle Duggar and her children. After all, it can’t be easy to give every child the same amount of love and affection when you have so many of them. This information caused some fans of the reality TV series to wonder if the connection between the matriarch of the family and her children fades when they leave the nest.

According to Cheatsheet, Michelle Duggar recently admitted to fans worst fears. Her relationship with her children grows distant when they become adults.


As those who watch Counting On know, Michelle recent sat down for one of her first solo interviews. Michelle had an extended absence from the show after the world learned she and Jim Bob attempted to hide Josh’s indiscretions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if she showed herself in the best light among her return either.

During the solo interview, mama Duggar admitted it was difficult for her to keep track of which of her children were expecting babies. Cheatsheet reminds us there were five pregnancies within the family when the episode was filmed. These included Jessa Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Kendra Caldwell, Lauren Swanson, and Anna Duggar.

The admission was more saddening then shocking.

Turns out, Michelle’s admission wasn’t something fans of the family found to be shocking. In fact, the Duggar children have very nearly admitted that they played a huge role in raising each other. Michelle and Jim Bob even admitted to passing children off to siblings at young ages.

According to Psychology Today, Jim Bob and Michelle relying on their older children for child care likely damaged the parent-child relationship with some of their kids.

How did they come to have so many children, anyway?

For anyone who is just learning about the Duggar family or has recently started following them, there is one simple question that quickly comes up. How did they end up having 19 children in the first place? It certainly wasn’t their original plan to have so many children.


They, however, decided birth control got in the way of letting God decide how small or large their family should be. So, with no birth control in place to stop nature from taking its course. They procreated — a lot.

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