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Cheryl Burke Feels ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Has Changed, And Not In A Good Way

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Cheryl Burke doesn’t like how much Dancing with the Stars has changed. She feels that the long-running reality series doesn’t live up to its authenticity anymore. After actor James Van Der Beek was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars’ 28th season, James and Cheryl have both come out and said that the show needs some “soul-searching.” Cheryl has also done some soul-searching on her own to rethink her future on the show.

Cheryl Burke questions the authenticity of Dancing with the Stars following the end of the 28th season

Cheryl got candid on her US Weekly blog. The professional dancer has been blogging exclusively with the magazine about her take on the 28th season. After last Monday’s finale, Cheryl has a had a change of heart. That’s when she revealed that the show is missing some authenticity.

“What they did to him was harsh,” Cheryl wrote. “I think just the world we’re living in right now, there’s no grounding. People need to actually talk from their hearts and instead, people are on the defense constantly.”

That’s when Cheryl revealed that people need to live their lives authentically. She also admits that Dancing With the Stars is missing some much-needed authenticity. Cheryl defended James’ previous statements about the show needing some “soul-searching” and is fighting back against the critics who claim he’s just looking for empathy.

“I don’t think what he means the show needs to go soul-searching because of what he went through, I don’t think he’s looking for pity.”

She clearly doesn’t feel that James was a sore loser. James and his wife Kimberly just went through a heartbreaking miscarriage. At the Season 28th finale of the Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown and her professional partner Alan Bersten were crowned as the Season 28 champions.

Cheryl Burke offers her advice for Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman

Cheryl also opened up about her thoughts on Len Goodman’s controversial opinions on the dance floor. She feels that Len should be more “open-minded” when it comes to the freestyle rounds. Some would argue that he doesn’t understand most modern styles of dance. Len comes from a traditional ballroom background.

“The freestyle that popped out to me the most was Kel (Mitchell) and Witney (Carson). It’s so hard to come up with an original idea 29 seasons later but they were able to do so because of Kel,” Cheryl wrote.

“It wasn’t typical, it wasn’t predictable, it was something that was near and dear to his heart.”

Cheryl feels that the freestyle rounds should be judged on the originality of the dance rather than how the judges feel about it. Obviously, this dance was near and dear to Kel’s heart, so Len should’ve been a little more understanding. But it has become common for Len to harshly critique the dances, especially in the freestyle rounds. Cheryl feels that needs to change though.

“It’s not Len Goodman’s style to say anything positive about a dance like that but I think he needs to be a little more open-minded about the freestyle round,” the professional dancer wrote. “For the freestyle round, anything goes. It’s up to you if you don’t like the style, but you can’t really judge it based on likes. I think you have to judge it based on originality.” She continued.

Cheryl went on to explain that dance is a deeply personal art form in which you wear your heart on your sleeve. The contestants have every right to show emotion and share their lives with the viewers, even if some people don’t understand the dance at hand.

She even shared her take on why celebs sign up to be part of the show.

Cheryl shared the reason she believed these celebrities sign onto this show. They do it to share their triumphs and pitfalls with the viewers. She feels that these contestants should be rewarded rather than ridiculed for putting themselves out there like that.

But, Cheryl has no plans to become a judge. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she joked that she would cause trouble if she was part of the judging panel. But maybe it’s the kind of shakeup this show needs.

She concluded her blog post by writing, “…My wish as a viewer would be to see more of that struggle, triumph, and achievement and to feel more a part of each couple’s journey.”

What are your thoughts on Cheryl Burke’s candid blog post? Do you agree that Dancing With the Stars needs to change and needs to be more authentic again? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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